Somewhere sometime somethings

At times we encounter certain things in life which makes us ponder whether normal life is good or not.Whether we can accept things which are beyond our control still carry on with life.Somewhere, sometimes we may encounter somethings which makes us rethink about everything.

And in that week, this is how Amy felt, did that week changed her life or did she changed her life. How and why it happened she don't have any explanation for that, may she will bury it like a secret deep inside her heart, may when time will come she will tell the truth to someone.But till that time it will be guarded by her heart strongly fervently.And she will carry on with life better than ever.


4. Max

That day Amy got a great project, something which she always wanted to. As she was a photographer she always limited herself to modern pictures and professional work.This time by she got a great opportunity to cover a small village.This she always wanted, cover the a calm and quiet place full of natural beauty.

It was a coincidence,that the person supposed to do the nature column of her magazine fell sick and hence as the co-partner in the magazine she took the opportunity to do it herself.

Max was also delighted, as their impeding marriage on cards,Amy looked a little rebuffed,so probably he thought it is best to give her some time and space of her own.When she had proposed that she want to take the assignment herself he gave her permission.

He was just the most understanding guy who believed in giving space and time.He never pressurized Amy to do anything. Their relation was sans jealousy, fears, but full of trust,love and understanding, and a mutual respect for each other. Even though they both were business partners, they never let their professional views harm their personal relation.

It was something people never understood, how can their relation be like this. But Max knew Amy better than anyone else. She was meant to be the one in his life.

He clearly remembers their first meeting, when he was a small time photographer in a local magazine and Amy had come to meet his boss for giving her photos to get a job.When he first looked at her he didn't understand why a girl who looked so rich,so perfect want a job at a small time magazine.

There was something about her,he couldn't take his eyes from her, all the while she was talking to his boss. But somehow the meeting didn't go so well, and he never saw her again.He thought he will forget about her, but her face, the calmness on her face kept coming back to him.

That day, he was throwing some junk papers, when he saw one photograph of a small kid crying with looks of pity in its eyes.Behind the picture was written Amy and a number. The picture was so wonderful that he wanted to congratulate the photographer who took it. He dialed that number and she picked up, he told her of the picture, and in reply he got to know it is same girl who came to office that day. His heart skipped a beat, he asked her to meet so that he can hand over her picture.

Amy came next afternoon wearing a blue top and a white skirt, and waited outside the office.Max came out and met her and gave her the picture, and with lots of fears in his heart asked her for a cup of coffee nearby and she said yes.

While chatting he came to know that she had done journalism but her passion is photography and she wanted to do some new things in that.She had approached his boss with an idea to start a new column on poor children to raise fund for them,which obviously he rejected. She wanted to start a photo magazine where without using words she wanted to depict life and its aspects through pictures.But as being an inexperienced person she was finding t difficult to start.

Max knew that the spirit the enthusiasm shown by Amy  is very rare, and he knew that this was his calling too. He called her next day and told her he is ready to take a chance with her.He want to start her magazine. Amy was thrilled. They both knew it was a hardship and full of struggle path.

Amy had a rich family to back her but they never took that support. They both built their world themselves.With their savings and few loans they started working in the garage of Max's house and slowly and steadily the fresh breeze their work bought gave them market and they started the magazine SEE and SAY, which now employs around 150 people, which was a great progress, they had venture into various fields in photography and developed the company with innovation and hard work.But Max always attributed success to Amy .

As the magazine grew,their bond also grew.Amy was never bothered about the thing that Max was not belonging to a rich family or that he was raised by his mother only. His past never deterred her. In fact, Max remembers, that winter day when they both were working late night in the garage on their new issue,Amy held Max's hand and told him that being with him makes her feel so empowered, so creative, as if she was waiting for all her life for him. Max couldn't believe that what he wanted to tell her,she was telling it to him. That night they decided to be with each other forever. And now after 5 long years,their love and respect for each other has grown.

And, as any couple,they decided to get married, but strangely Max felt, Amy was little miffed, and she told that it is just pre-wedding jitters.And why not, marriage means more, it will be whole new beginning for both, so was he. Hence he understood her need to be little alone. So without a single word,he gave her permission to go to that farmland or village to cover some pictures.

Seldom, he knew when Amy will be back, she will love him always but she will have a small secret about herself from him, which he will never know.



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