1. The last day of term

Tick, tock. Tick, tock; it was 2:40pm. Isabelle sat in English class waiting anxiously for 3:00pm to around. She looked at the clock, and each time she did, it hadn’t moved. It was that last day of the term and Isabelle was going to spend the whole time with her bestfriend who she hadn’t seen for three months. She glanced around the room. Although the room was full of people, she felt completely alone. Ever since her bestfriend moved to London to pursue his career, she had pushed everyone away. Isabelle watched the people who used to be her friends having fun and laughing, but it didn’t make her want to be with them. There was only one person who she wanted to be with, and that was her bestfriend. Isabelle took another look at the clock. Surprisingly, the arms had moved and there was only five minutes of the term left. She put her head down gracefully onto her desk and thought about what she would say to her bestfriend.

“What if it’s awkward?” Isabelle asked herself, worried. She shook her head in disbelief in what she just thought. She lifted her head again to face her teacher.

“Okay students, at this stage, you may pack your books and pens up,” said Mr Murphy, the English teacher. The whole classroom broke into loud bangs and zips of pencil cases and textbooks piling on top of each other. All of a sudden, Isabelle became really ill in her stomach, and she was unsure why. She was unsure of why she was nervous to see someone who knows her better than herself.

“Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” rang the school bell. The whole class scurried out the door.

“Have safe and happy holidays students,” Mr Murphy shouted to the class as they rushed out the door. No one was listening. Isabelle stood up out of her seat and followed everyone out the door. The light nearly blinded her as she walked out. She glanced around and found her bag. She unzipped it and threw her books in. She practically ran to her locker, collected her text books and ran to the front gate. Isabelle searched and searched for her bestfriends car. He said that he would pick her up. She glanced at her phone, as she got a message. It was him.

“Look down the road :) x”

Isabelle looked to the right of the road. Leaning against a black Porche stood her bestfriend. She dropped her school bag, phone and text books and ran over to him, with arms wide open. As she was running, her throat grew a knot and she could feel her eyes swelling up. Isabelle reached him and they wrapped their arms around each other.

“I’ve missed you so much Lou!” she whelped into his shoulder.

“I’ve missed you too, Isabelle!” Louis said, near tears. 

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