There Can Only Be One Winner

...What if Katniss' story had never happened?...
It's the 89th Hunger Games and May, Nova, Technie, Matthew and Lily are all chosen to take part. While they all are from different districts, they all share one thing: they don't want to kill. In the arena they make an alliance and promise that if they win, instead of killing each other they'll keep living in the arena. After all, if tributes are still in the arena, they can't hold the next Hunger Games, can they? It would be the perfect plan, but the Game-Makers are not prepared to give up the Games just yet...


4. Nova: No Fear

I smiled confidently as I glanced at my Mother. She looked nervous, but I knew there was no need. In District 2 there is always someone who volunteers in your place! I had been chosen once before, in fact, but another girl went instead and she won! I don't know why that makes me feel proud, but it does.

District 2 trains Careers, and they win almost all the time. I'm also trained as one too, my Dad makes me, but I have no intention of volunteering. I'm not one of the strongest, smartest, or anything really, and I don't want to kill others. It's stupid volunteering, at least I think. I really don't like the Games, but unlike the others I don't fear it either. I just accept it.

My head came back to reality as the escort put her hand in the glass ball. But, instead of looking at her, I looked at the mentors. One was the winner of the Hunger Games 15 years ago, Cato, and the other was the girl that volunteered instead of me 2 years ago, Blaze. There was something about these two that...

"Nova. Nova Mayne."

I smiled. No need to be afraid or anything, again someone would volunteer. I quickly walked to the stage and shook the escorts hand. "No need to fear, Nova, no need to fear..."

"So..." I closed my eyes so the amount of hands would be a surprise. "Any volunteers?" I opened my eyes.

Only one hand up.

And it was a boy.

"Hurry up with the boys already!" I heard someone shout. It was like a punch in the stomach.

So, I was going in the Hunger Games. Okay. Oh great.

I kept thinking things like that all through the rest of the reaping. Then the escort tapped me on the shoulder, so I followed her into the building I had seen so many times. I was guided to a room all on my own, and I began to take everything in.

My parents were the first to see me. My Dad was beaming from ear to ear, but my Mum had obviously been crying.

"Mum, Dad, it's okay, I can win!"

"No sweetie..." My Mum seemed close to tears again. "You can't beat the boy tribute..."

I gulped. I hadn't been paying attention to anything on the stage. Who was the other? 'It could be Marcus, or Keyno...'

"Who is it Mum?" My throat had gone dry.

"It's Natan, Nova."

My stomach tightened. Natan! Natan was the best fighter I had ever seen off the screen, and he had countless trophies, medals and awards to prove it. In simulation he was one of the few who could beat me and he was always the best fighter, even when he started at 8 years old...


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