There Can Only Be One Winner

...What if Katniss' story had never happened?...
It's the 89th Hunger Games and May, Nova, Technie, Matthew and Lily are all chosen to take part. While they all are from different districts, they all share one thing: they don't want to kill. In the arena they make an alliance and promise that if they win, instead of killing each other they'll keep living in the arena. After all, if tributes are still in the arena, they can't hold the next Hunger Games, can they? It would be the perfect plan, but the Game-Makers are not prepared to give up the Games just yet...


3. May: A Nightmare


For a second there was nothing. Not a thought, sound or person around me; I was in a muffled dream world.

And then there was everything. The thought of my death, the sound of the sighs and the crowd of girls moving to let me through; I was in an open nightmare.

I let go of my younger sister’s hand and slowly walked to the end of the row and looked at every girl I could. I wanted to have a good look at all the people I’d miss and all the people I wouldn’t. All the people I’d never know, but they’d all know me. This was the last time I’d see them, so I had to make the most of it. I got to the end of the row and turned, trying not to look shocked or devastated like I actually was.

Forty thousand eyes stared holes into me and I self-consciously put a hand through my greasy brown hair, making sure it looked okay for the cameras. I soon found myself at the stairs to the stage and my feet stopped in their tracks. Somehow I had not registered much of what happened. I had been chosen at the reaping. I was on television. I was going to die. That stirred me out of my thoughts and I continued my path to destruction.

“Here, darling, let me help you!” The escort stuck her hand towards mine; the same hand that picked one of my 16 slips out of the ball. My hand still took hers against my desires, and she pulled me up to a small podium.

“Now, is there anyone that wants to volunteer?” I knew there would be silence, volunteering was unheard of in district 12. But someone proved me wrong.

“I... I volunteer!” My eyes widened; it was Tiana.

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