Why me?

Emma has all ways been a one direction fan but ever since her mum told her the family secret will she only love one or will life turn on her?


13. ...

His beautiful eyes peered down at me,"we will get you home now won't we?" He said to me. The car journey was really awkward because of what happened. I feel as if its all my fault, I don't want this to spit the boys up. You know what I mean? Anyways when we got home I got a phone call from Leon saying he wanted to get back with me... How could I reply ? So all I said is that I would think about it. I didn't dare tell Liam otherwise he would be really upset and it's really horrible when he gets upset. Later on I felt really tired but as I opened the bedroom door, Niall motioned me to come to his bedroom. He asked me to sit down on his bed. He looked upset. I asked him what was wrong,"m-m-m-y girlfriend *snif* called me and said she wanted to take a break so I said ok. But I needed to ask her something so I rang her again. I-I-I-I heard her and her 'lover' um u know uh....." He sobbed. I gave him a real big hug. "You always know how to make things better... That's why I love you..." He whispered. I pulled my self away...  

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