Why me?

Emma has all ways been a one direction fan but ever since her mum told her the family secret will she only love one or will life turn on her?


14. well this is weird

He staired at me and smerked. " come a little closer.... look im sorry for plummeting this on you but ive known for a while that i liked you but i just couldnt bring myself to say it. you look scared? did i frighen you? oh my god your going to tell liam arnt you!!!??? please dont !!"  i just got up and said, " well this is weird" what was i to do? just leave it and forget about it or tell liam and get niall into trouble? i was confused and came up with the idea of ringing one of my best guy friends joey, he told me to confront liam and tell the truth because niall knew i was going out with liam and he should have just left it at " you allways know what to say". i went to liam but just as i was about to tell him he got on one knee and said " Emma Masie Zoe Styles, will you marry me?" of course i said yes but how as i meant to tell liam now? i had to some how cause out relationship would be based on lies!! so i said " liam, i have something to tell you. Niall told me he loved me, not in a friend way, he said he had loved me for a while and he wanted to be with me".....


hows it going guys? heres my newest chapter for this movella! hope you guys like it. please comment with ideas and your opinions !! xxx

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