Why me?

Emma has all ways been a one direction fan but ever since her mum told her the family secret will she only love one or will life turn on her?


10. Louis VS Zayn

Liam's pov

Breakfast was silent then Louis broke the silence and said "um... Well... ZAYN WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO POOR EMMA YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE WENT THROUGH!" "WELL YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT MR IM SO PERFECT SHUT YOUR GOB!" "OH IT'S ON MR ZAYN THE VAIN!" Louis and Zayn started fighting witch made Emma cry so hard she left from my arms. It killed me to see her like that. I gave Zayn a evil look then chased after her, she just stood there then fell on the bed... Did she faint or is she dead?!
Sorry for it being short I needed some ideas please can you like leave some ideas blow :-)
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