its a secret. shhhhh!

Ryan Little is a new girl to england. she just moved here on her own after her mum remarried. there was a band, one direction, their faces were everywhere. she didnt think to much of them at first. while she is out she stumbles upon them. of course she doesnt know it is them. does a member of the band fall in love with her? what if they all do? and will there be some bumps along the way? maybe baby bumps? but theres one big secret she is keeping from everyone...

she can read minds!


1. who are these boys?

hi im ryan. just an average 18 year old girl. exceppt for the fact that i can read minds. i didnt tell anyone. not even my mum. i told my best friend and she thinks im crazy. we got into a fight and then i moved here to get away from her.i live in a tall building, with 11 floors. i am on the seventh and i think i have the smallest apartment in the building. this is my second day in england. and every morning there is the same crowd of screaming girls outside. and every day it grows larger. thye carry posters and things with the same five boys faces on them. are these boys like royalty or something? i glance back at my room and sigh at the endless boxes of things piled everywhere. i still have to paint the apartment but i cant be stuffed to do it.

i unpack one box of clothes and get bored. music is blasting on the floor above me. the past 3 hours it has been going non stop and the same as yesterday. there was a break of aboiout 2 hours yesterday but then a few minutes later the screams outside grew louder. at what makes it worse is that the room that is blasting music is right on top of me. dont get me wrong i likie the music i just hate it blasting at like 10:00 at night. i decide to go adventure around england to see whats around. billboards and busses have the same faces as the screaming girls had on their jumpers and posters. these guys must be huge. i started to look at them a little more. they were actually quite cute. i especially like the one with black hair. it kinda looks like a ski jump. and his smile was cute too. a curly haired boy had a cheeky smile which i liked too. one was kinda familiar. i dont know why but i think i know him. he was blonde. had the most amazing blue eyes and was probably the cutest boy i had ever seen. like a little elf.

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