its a secret. shhhhh!

Ryan Little is a new girl to england. she just moved here on her own after her mum remarried. there was a band, one direction, their faces were everywhere. she didnt think to much of them at first. while she is out she stumbles upon them. of course she doesnt know it is them. does a member of the band fall in love with her? what if they all do? and will there be some bumps along the way? maybe baby bumps? but theres one big secret she is keeping from everyone...

she can read minds!


11. What to name it

'boys you can come in now!' I hear the doctor say to the boys waiting outside. Zayn's looking at me. I have the baby onmy arms. 'I'm sorry babe. I wanted to tell you' I whisper. 'it's ok babe. Shes beautiful' he thinks. I smile. 'hey! How are you?' Liam asks in a hush tone. 'good' I reply. 'what's the baby's name?' Niall asks. 'I don't know I was hoping you five could help me'

'how about jacinta?' Zayn asks

'but Zayn that's my middle name?'
'and if we name her jacinta she might be as beautiful as her mother' he leans over the bed and kisses my cheek. The doctor enters. 'we are just going to take her for some tests.' he says. Zayn hands her to the doctor and he walks out.

A few minutes later a nurse comes in. 'have you picked a name yet?' she asks.i look at all the boys and then back at the nurse. 'jacinta may little' I say.
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