its a secret. shhhhh!

Ryan Little is a new girl to england. she just moved here on her own after her mum remarried. there was a band, one direction, their faces were everywhere. she didnt think to much of them at first. while she is out she stumbles upon them. of course she doesnt know it is them. does a member of the band fall in love with her? what if they all do? and will there be some bumps along the way? maybe baby bumps? but theres one big secret she is keeping from everyone...

she can read minds!


3. what are they doing here?

the next day.

alright today im going to unpack atleast two boxes. god its so depressing. looking at boxes scattered around the apartment. i swing my legs over the edge of my bed and stand up. after i steady myself i walk to the bathroom and have a shower. halfway through my shower theres a knock at the door. jeez! who would be bothering me at this time? its freaking 9:00am. god. i turn the water off and put a towel around me.

"hi!" they chime. "hi um. what are you doing here?" i ask staring at the five boys confused. "and more importantly how did you get my room number?" i put a hand on my hip and raise an eyebrow. "we went to the front desk. nialla and zayn wanted to see you again"louis says. "may we come in?"he adds. "uh sure ill just put something on" i look down and then run into the bedroom.

I change into sweat pants and a tanktop and ugg boots. I leave my hair down to dry. I hear the boys talking before I get out. I listen to what they are saying. 'ask her out already!' Louis urges. 'what if she says no?' Zayn whines. 'she might say yes' I walk out 'and what did you want to ask me Zayn?' I ask as sit next to him o the couch. 'umh...' he looks nervous. I know what he's going to ask. He looks at me then rubs the back of his neck. I roll my eyes and lean in and kiss his cheek. 'I heard you before' I say. 'and yes' his nervousness is gone and he has the biggest smile on his face. 'oooooo! Zayn's got a girlfriend! Zayn's got a girlfriend!' the boys chant.
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