its a secret. shhhhh!

Ryan Little is a new girl to england. she just moved here on her own after her mum remarried. there was a band, one direction, their faces were everywhere. she didnt think to much of them at first. while she is out she stumbles upon them. of course she doesnt know it is them. does a member of the band fall in love with her? what if they all do? and will there be some bumps along the way? maybe baby bumps? but theres one big secret she is keeping from everyone...

she can read minds!


8. We aren't telling the boys!!!!!!!

'wait Ryan!' Zayn says getting up off the bed. 'you should tell the boys. Especially Niall he is your best friend'

'Zayn, Niall knows. He has since we were little. He, you...' I pause. 'and my ex friend' I mumble. 'are the only ones who know.' his right eyebrow is raised. 'what do you mean ex friend?' he heard it. 'I told my 'best friend' at the time that I could read minds and she didn't believe it and spread roumours about me at school and. Then we got into a fight so we aren't friends anymore' I explain.

'but yes. Ok. I want you there though. They might think I'm weird or something. I need you tere' I say. 'don't worry babe. They'll love it like me.' he take my waist and pulls me close. 'uh Zayn... Maybe put some clothes on before you leave the room.' I laugh. 'it's just like Harry! Now I know why he does it all the time' he spins around. 'alright I'll be outside' I open the door and slide out.

'boys I need to tell you something' I look at Niall and nod. He shakes his head. 'I need to' I mouth. Zayn comes out the room with his jeans on. No shirt. I tear my gaze away from him and look back at the boys. 'well Niall and zayn know.... But I can...' I look back at Zayn. Then Niall. 'read minds' I mumble. 'what?' Louis asks. 'I can read minds' I say a bit louder. It's silence for a few seconds. 'awesome!!!!!!' Liam says. 'cool are you like superman or something?' Louis asks. 'uh Harry if she was superman she would be able to fly... You can't fly can you?' he says that last part to me. I shake my head. 'and anyways she's not a boy' Harry adds. 'wait prove it' Louis asks. 'ok... Niall thinks this is a bad idea... Zayn is thinking about' I blush. 'me naked... Liam is thinking about how awesome it is to be in the presence of a mind reader. Louis? Really? Awww that's so nice.' he was going to propose to Elanor. He puts a finger to his lips. I nod. 'what am I thinking about?' Harry asks. muon wanna get naked' I say. 'this is so cool!!!' Zayn laughs at Liam.
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