its a secret. shhhhh!

Ryan Little is a new girl to england. she just moved here on her own after her mum remarried. there was a band, one direction, their faces were everywhere. she didnt think to much of them at first. while she is out she stumbles upon them. of course she doesnt know it is them. does a member of the band fall in love with her? what if they all do? and will there be some bumps along the way? maybe baby bumps? but theres one big secret she is keeping from everyone...

she can read minds!


9. I'm not going to the studio!

Three months later

The boys are over again and they are about to go on tour. Zayn walk over to me and puts his arms around my waist then kisses my cheek. 'boys we gotta go to the studio now. Management wants us' they walk out but Zayn still has his arms around me. I turn to look at him and put m arms around his neck. He leans down an puts his forehead against mine. 'I dot want to go to the studio' he says. I roll my eyes. 'Zayn you never go to the studio. Your always here with me. Go! They're gonna start thinking that I'm keeping you from going.' I laugh and try and pull away. I walk to the kitchen and start washing the plates. 'what if you go with me?' he follows me and puts his hands on my hips. 'Zayn! Get off.' I nudge him. 'alright, I'll see you when I get back.' he slides his hands down my thighs and turns me to face him. I lock my fingers around his neck and lightly touch his lips. 'alright now go!' I say and turn him around then push him to the door. 'don't make me go!!' he is thinking over and over in his head. 'I'm not giving in you are going' I say.

I decide to take a shower. In the middle of washing my hair a sharp pain shoots through my stomach. The baby probably just kicked. I had to tell him about the baby. I feel it again but this time it was stronger. Ok this isn't a kick. I turn the shower off and put a towel around my body. It can't happen now I haven't even told Zayn yet. I let out a groan as the pain shoots again. I walk to the table in the kitchen and unlock my phone. 'Zayn! Come back to the house. I need you here' I text him. 'alright I'll be there in a few minutes' he texts back. I scream. I go into my bedroom and put my pajamas on. I sit on the couch. Owwwww. I can't believe this is actually happening now. I don't even look nine months pregnant. I don't look pregnant at all.

I get up to get water but I get a sharp pain in my stomach again and fall to the floor. 'babe!' thank god Zayn's here. 'I'm in the kitchen' I call with pain still in my voice. 'what's wrong?' he asks coming to my side and kissing my cheek. 'zayn. I'm having a baby' I say fastly. 'so your pregnant?' he asks with a smile on his face. 'not exactly... I'm in labor'
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