Give me love

She walked away from a cold past, she cried away the tears she let fall to the ground, she begged for his attention - for his love.


1. Dessert is served.

"Harry you idiot!" I spat at him, snatching the spatula out of his hands. He turned to face me and shot me a dirty look. "You obviously haven't made whipped creme before, have you?!" I flung the spatula around in the air, watching as droplets of creme flew across the kitchen. "Just great…" Harry whined,  grabbing a towel from underneath the sink. I watched him carefully wipe down the areas that had been unfortunately hit with my little bit of a mess. "Sorry babe." I laughed, placing the spatula back into the bowl. Harry moved around the island and set the towel down on the counter. "How much longer until they arrive?" He said, his hands snaking around my waist. "Uh, fifteen minutes? And Harry please stop referring to my parents as 'they.'" Harry chuckled quietly, pulling me in for a kiss. "I'll run to the store and buy whipping creme." He said, mumbling onto my lips. "Fine, be quick. The pie comes out of the oven in ten." I gave him a final kiss and sent him on his way to the store. Shortly after Harry arrived back with the whipping, my parents showed up at the door. "Now Harry, I want you to ask them if they'd like a tea or coffee, and make small talk while I ready the pie." I said to him, fixing the collar on his shirt. "Yes, mother." He laughed. As he approached the door, I felt my nerves kick in. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Klocksin." I could hear Harry say. I heard a muffled sound of shoes being taken off, followed by the sounds of footsteps. "Hello Haley, dear." My mother said as she entered the kitchen momentarily. "Hi mom." I replied, giving her a short kiss on the cheek. "Your father brought you a little something." She said into my ear. I rolled my eyes and nodded. "Hi father." I said coldly as he swallowed me into a big hug. "What did you bring now?" I giggled, looking at the rather large package in his hand. "Just a welcome home type gift, nothing fancy." I took the object out of his hands and placed it onto the counter. "Harry and I will open it later, thanks dad." My parent's followed Harry into the living room, where they all sat rather uncomfortably. I began to open the packaging of the whipped creme and took the spatula from the bowl. I placed the spatula on top of the packaging and found a nearby mitten. Placing the mitten on my hand, I slowly opened the oven, carefully taking the pie out and setting it down onto one of the burners. I waved my hand just above the pie to cool it down to some extent. I then frothed up the whipped creme and spread it over top of the pie. "Harry love, do you mind helping me with serving?" I said loudly so the room over was able to hear. Soon after, Harry had been taking plates and forks out. After we dished the pie out, I followed Harry into the living room. "Thanks dear." My mother said as she took her plate. "Mmm yes thank you." My father mumbled also taking his serving. Harry and I sat down on the sofa across from my parents. "So Harry, what is it that you do again?" My mother smiled sweetly. "I'm ehm, in a band." He replied. She nodded and carried on with her pie. 

After plenty of small talk we bid my parents goodbye. "Was that so difficult?" I said, pouting to Harry. "Yes, immensely." He laughed, eyeing the box that was on the counter. "Should we open it?" I gave him a straight face. "I don't see why not." As Harry began to slowly rip apart the wrapping paper, I paced back in forth in the kitchen, before stopping in my tracks. I gasped as I took a look at the box. 

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