My Birthday Suprise

Hailey is a 15 year old girl from Saskatchewan, Canada. Little did she know her mom would get her a very big present for her birthday. Her mother had paid One Direction to spend her birthday with her. There be secrets, jelousy, and definatly romance!


3. The Bunks

I was even morer shocked than before. I ran to my room once again and packed every thing I would need for a week with 5 hot ass boys. Now I owed my mom huge! I cant beleive she'd do this for me. This is the best bithday ever! My mother said goodbye and we headed for the tour bus. "Pick a bunk!"Harry said with great excitment which concerned me a little bit.

"Ummmm this one." I said point to the highest bunk.

"Thats mine!" he replied happily.

 Harry's POV

When I first saw her in that towel I was both LMAO and falling for her instantly. Looking at Niall I saw he had the same thought running. That means if i want this girl I gotta fight for her. She will be mine by the end of the week. Even if I have to kill Niall to do it. we walked her to the tour bus and i asked her to pick a bunk. By the look on her face I noticed I said it WAY too eagerly. When she chose my bunk I was the one fangirling on the inside! I had really fallen for this girl and I will do anything to make her mine.

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