My Birthday Suprise

Hailey is a 15 year old girl from Saskatchewan, Canada. Little did she know her mom would get her a very big present for her birthday. Her mother had paid One Direction to spend her birthday with her. There be secrets, jelousy, and definatly romance!


1. Suprise!

   It was my birthday and i was very excited. I hopped out of the shower being my normal self. I heard a knock at the door and my mother open it. I ran into my room now knowing we had company. While in my room i heard the people in my home had british accents. I shrugged it off thinking it was visiting family. I was alot less nervous of them seeing me in just a towel.

 " Hailey can you come out hear please I have a suprise for you!", My mother yelled with cheer and excitment in her voice. Thinking it was just a gift I walked out of my room. When I walked out I saw my mother. Standing beside her, wide eyed and dropped jaws, was my favourite boyband. Yep, you guessed it, One Direction!


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