My Birthday Suprise

Hailey is a 15 year old girl from Saskatchewan, Canada. Little did she know her mom would get her a very big present for her birthday. Her mother had paid One Direction to spend her birthday with her. There be secrets, jelousy, and definatly romance!


6. Good Morning

AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry for the delay but i just moved and im in a new schol so im tryna juggle things around and it isnt fun :(. But things are better now so imma be posting like usual. YAY!!!!

Hailey's POV

I woke up with Harry beside me. I guess it wasn't a dream after all. I put on some jammies, because i usually strip off in the middle night because of heat, and headed down stairs. by te time I hit the bottom step I relised we were now in a hotel. i was swarmed by the boys and squeezed in a giant group hug. "oh hi there!" i said very shocked and confused.

"hi carrot" Louis chimed in.

"how did you sleep?" Zayn cut in.

"Very good thanks" I managed to say over all the questions.

Niall spoke finally, "Your even prettier without make up!"

"No, I'm not even pretty with it on. As a matter of fact im not pretty at all." I replied.

"Dont you ever say that ever again! Your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and dont you ever forget it!" Niall yelled. I'm sure the others felt the same by theyre faces when I said I wasnt pretty.

"No! I'm not! See I can yell too!" Just as I said that i felt arms around my waist from behind and a kiss on the top of my head. "Your very cute wen your angry." a gruff morning voice said from behind me.

"Well then I'm about to get pretty fuckng adorable if you dont tell  me who the fuck you are!" I yelled, still alittle annoyed that the boys keep asking radm stupid questions.

"It's Harry love. Relax a little your so tence lately." the morning voice said from behind me.

"Sorry I'm not a morning person guys" I replied not relising that Harry Fucking Styles was hugging me from behind. I whipped around and he leaned in to kiss me. I preteded I was gonna kiss him but just when his lips were an inch away I made a mad dash for the couch and sat on nialls lap.

Harry's POV:

OOOOOH this girls gonna make me work to get her.This is gonna be fun but if i want to get her I'm gonna need more than a week. I know! I'll invite her on tour and make her mine there. Its a years worth of touirng so I have plenty of time! Well if none of the other boys get in my way.

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