My Birthday Suprise

Hailey is a 15 year old girl from Saskatchewan, Canada. Little did she know her mom would get her a very big present for her birthday. Her mother had paid One Direction to spend her birthday with her. There be secrets, jelousy, and definatly romance!


2. Embarressment and a Shock

After a few seconds of shock I noticed why they were wide eyed. I WAS STILL IN NOTHING BUT A TOWEL!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and ran into my room. I quickly grab clothes and slip them on. I came back out and all I heard was a small Awwe from the boys. They were all laughing, even my mom. I blushed and sat there quietly. I had nothing to say.

 It was very awkward silence. My mother later broke the tension by introducing me, "This is my daughter Hailey. Shes a huge fan of yours. Thats why i hired you!" I managed to let out a quiet hi.

It felt like my heart was gonna explode just thinking of them being here And there they sat a mere two feet away. I couldnt help but fangirl on the inside. I owed my mom big time for this and would definatly be thanking her when they were not here.

"Hired them for what?" I asked.

I heard Louis speek up finally, "Pack your bags, love. Your spending your week with us!"

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