My Birthday Suprise

Hailey is a 15 year old girl from Saskatchewan, Canada. Little did she know her mom would get her a very big present for her birthday. Her mother had paid One Direction to spend her birthday with her. There be secrets, jelousy, and definatly romance!


4. Awkward

Haileys POV

Harry seemed pretty eager to go to sleep tonight. At this point I'm frightened of the fact of sleeping in the same bed as the band member labeled The Perverted one, and what SANE girl wouldn't be. I finally went to bed and Harry follow 10 minutes later. I was still a little frightened but alot less after I got to know him.

He slid into bed. I wasn't asleep yet. I was siting there on my ipod on twitter and listening to my random music.

"Oh, I didn't know you liked R&B!" Harry said startleing me.

"There's alot you dont know about me Harry." I mumbled. I was very tired but didn't want to go to sleep.

"Maybe I could get to know you over dinner sometime?" He asked shyly and rubbed the back of his neck.

" I don't think I should Harry I just met you today."

His eyes looked disapointed.

"Ok well I hope you'll change your mind sometime but I understand." he stated looking at his phone and trying not to make eye contact.

Harry's POV

Well that was really awkward! I finally ask her and I get shot down. Most girls would have melted. She fell asleep but all I could think about was why? She wasn't like other girls which just made me want her more.

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