If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


15. Whats Going On?

We all decided we were going to ewat at nandos once again. We all ordered the same things as we always do and got our drinks. We waited for like 20 minuets then we got the delisous food. "So how long until the baby is due?" I asked Kaitlyn. "Oh in about 3 weeks" She said. Wow time moves so fast.

"So I have some big news" I said. Harry looked at me with huge eyes. "NO! Im not pregnant again!" I said to harry patting his shoulder as he sighed in relief. "Okay so In about a week im going to school to be a dance instructor" I said. Harry said "Oh!" As he remembered i had told him. "Really! Thats awesome!" said Niall. "You dance?" \He asked. "Oh Yeah! ts my life!" I said.

I started to chow down on my delisous food every now and then taking a drink. Harry and everyone else were eating too. Harry looked over at me and put his hand on the inside of my thigh. He mouthed the words, 'its been so long!' and i shook my head yeah. Maybe since tonight the kids are gone, we will be able to have alone time. 

As time passed we all laughed and talked for an hour a at time. Eventually we called over the waitor to give ut the cheack and we hopd on the car to go to the club downtown.

At the club, you couldnt see anything except neon and strobe lights. It was playing all the new music and a lot of people were dancing and the other half of people were either eating or drinking at the bar. I was eager to get involved in all this. "So what do you all want to do?" I asked. "Well why dont you guys go dance or get some food and me and harry are going to go get some drinks." Said Niall. I Havent had just me and kaitkyn time in forever. They both walked away and me and kaitlyn walked over to an empty booth with a dim light haning from the ceiling. "So what are you and Niall gonna name the kid?" I asked. "Well we dont really know at this point but as soon as we find out, ill tell you!" She said. " I am amazed by how good you look after having twins! I mean look at you! How much do you weigh?" she said to me."85" I said a little ashamed. I really shouldnt be this old and weigh that much. "Isnt that less than BEFORE the kids?" she said "Yeah" i said pulling out my phone, i got a text from tirza. It was a picture of darcy and louis playing with some blocks, having a good time. I shed a tear, as i missed them so much. "Whats wrong" Said kait. I just simply showed her the pic. she understood. 


"dont you think you should go to the doctor about your weight?' asked kait. "I dont know. I mean isnt it usual to loose weight after having kids?" i asked. "No its usual to GAIN weight after kids" "Ive been eating a lot like usual so i dont understand why it happens" I said as i saw niall and harry walking over to us with some drinks and water. (The water was for kaitlyn) As niall and harry sat down, me and kait dropped the conversation, knowing harry would flip and rush me to the emergency room. I suddenly got sick to my stomach. "Harry im going to the bathroom ill be right back" I said in harrys ear. "let me walk you, i dont trust your pretty self with all these sweaty, drunk guys" He said grabbing my hand and getting out of the booth. I pointed to my stomach when kait looked at me with a strange face. Her eyebrows shot up and i motioned her to calm down.

                                                                        Nialls P.O.V.


I saw harry and jess get up to go to the bathroom, a little suspicious. Kaitlyn turned to me with a very scared face. "Babe whats wrong?" I asked holding her hand. "Jessica" was all she said. "Wha-What about her?" I asked. She started to cry. "She is loosing too much weight and she keeps getting sick" She said. "and it scares me since she just had kids. Dont mention this to harry. She can tell him" 'Okay" I said. I started staring at my drink, hoping jessica will be okay.

(I know that was a short paragraph but sorry! And thank you guys for waiting patiently for thisss:D)                                                                                        

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