If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


2. The video chat ride

I answer him and say hello. "hi there beautiful" I blushed, a lot. "thanks. Your not too bad yourself." we both laughed. "well where do you live?" he asked "London England. How about you?" "same! Wait. Are you going to the concert tomorrow?" "yes of course! I also have backstage passes too so we can meet in person!" I say " I'm excited and...." Niall comes around the corner and screams "HELLO! ummm Harry you ate the last donut and who is she?" "I'm sorry Niall and this is ummm... Love I never caught your name!" "it's Jessica" and I smile. "this is Jessica. She's beautiful isn't she" "DEFINETLY." Niall says. Then as I'm texting on my phone, I felt like someone was watching me. And somebody was. I look over to my BFF kaitlyn standing in the doorway! " I 3KPL0c at Louis and then Louis comes over. "hello!" "hi Louis." then he takes the iPad away from harry and says in a different room " you are going to make Harry very happy!" and then gives back Harry's iPad. "what did you do Louis." "nothing I told her something." then he smiled at me, waved and left. "okay what did he say?" Harry asked. "well he told me that I will make you very happy." as I looked away. I looked up biting my lip.and blushing. "yes. Yes you will. Jessica will you go on a date with me? I know it sounds crazy but your beautiful and I like you." he says leaving me shocked. " yes. I will. How about tomorrow after the concert? You can just take me in your car or limo or whatever you drive" "that sounds like a date then. I can't wait" then we talk for hours more and finally I fall asleep. He stays there on video chat till the morning to tell me good morning. "well I gotta get ready for the concert. I can't wait to see you later. I love you!" he says "I love you too see you later!" and we hung up. I let out a sigh and went to get ready
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