If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


10. the dream

when i was asleep at the hospital, i had a very different dream. it started where me and harry were at a hotel and neither of us spoke the whole dream. i was carrying only one baby and its face was covered by a blanket. me and harry walked straight by thew desk and all the other people in the lobby trying to get pictures and videos and trying to get us to say something. but we ignored it and pretended they werent even there. we went to a room with only a bed, couch, and tv. the tv was turned on with spongebob playing (i know why because its my favorite show) ans turned down all the way. i set the baby in the center of the bed and surrounded them with pillows. then walked over to harry who was sitting on the couch. i sat down next to him and hugged him very tight. he put his arms arround me and kissed my head. then we sat there and watched a movie that wasnt real outside of a dream. it was exactly like what happened to us in the dream but different people and they tlked. they taked and talked about money problems and how they were gonna be able to take care of the baby. it went on and on for what felt like for hours. and then i woke up with a huge pain on my stomach...

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