If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


4. The concert

Me and Kaitlyn were running down the halls really fast trying to catch our seats. We got in the arena and we stopped in awe. It was the biggest place I have ever walked into. But the thug that worried me the most was how many people there were. It was making me anxious. Me and Kait sat down in our seats and tryed to relax. The after about 20 mins of waiting, they finally came on stage Harry walked out with all the boys. Harry looked at me and winked. Then they started singing. Everyone stood up and started screaming and singing along. First they sang one thing. Then they sang what makes you beautiful. Then it was the third song in. They were telling the crowd what they were gonna do. Then the music started playing and Harry pulled me up while Niall pulled Kait up. Harry looked into my eyes and sang. We were squeezing each others hands. I was really nervous. I didn't look out to the crowd once. The boys sang gotta be you. I almost melted away. Then at the end of the song, harru pulled me closer. We locked eyes. Then he carefully leaned twards me and I leaned twards him. Then we kissed. It felt so amazing. The world just watched me and Harry kiss on stage. At that moment I knew that me and him were the perfect couple. "I love you" I said in his ear. " I love you too" he said in my ear. And me and kaitlyn went back down and enjoyed the rest of the concert.
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