If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


13. shopping

(this chapter is going to be very long so if you have time, READ IT-harrys kryptonite a.k.a. jessica:)


As i walked into the furniture store, i got a text from harry, love you babe, youll get the perfect stuff no matter what i smiled and replied thaks you too hazza and then i walked over to the bad section. there were3 tons of bads there. big small medium soft hard firm and everything else you could think of. i tryed out a couple of beds but they didnt suit my fance. but as i was walking around, the perfect bed appeared. it had a canopy and had the most beautiful bad frame ever. it had birds, hearts, and roses all carved into it. the comfeter was a chocolate brown and the canopy was white silk. i had to buy it.then i went to the dresser section. i got the perfect one that matched the bed with the same wood and carvings on it. then i went to the desk section. im getting a desk because im going to collage to be a dance instructor. dance was my life. it always has been. i dont have a job but i know im gonna need one. i havent told harry. i dont want to until the time isright. after i got the desk, i decided to get drapes, extra pillows and a TV. i walked up to the cashier told her what i wanted and she gave me a peice of paper that said i needed to sign my name, put my address and that it would be at the house in 3 days. i wrote down the new address of course. but on my way out, i saw a beautiful picture frame and it had a picture in it that said all because two people fell in love it was perfect. so yes i ended up buying that too. i had to go catch up with harry. when i got into the store i looked everywhere until i came accross harry at the womens section. "harry why are you in this section?" i asked him "errrmmmm uhhh because i am getting you a little suprise" he said "i didnt want to tell you but now that you know... just close your eyes, watch the kids and ill take this to the cashier so you dont see it" he said i laughed and said "okay" as he walked away with his arms behind his back with a cheesy smile on his face. he is just too cute! he came back like 5 minuets later. by then i had rocked louis and darcy to sleep. "okay so what did you get?" he asked me "well i got drapes, a desk, a bed, pillows, a TV, a dresser and a little surprise you wont see until our room is finished" i said kissing him on the cheek. "what did you get babe?" i asked him. "i got them both hats and gloves, louis a pair of pants, and darcy a shirt" he said as he pulled out pink and green matching hats, blue, green, and brown striped pants, and a purple shirt with a flower at the shoulder. "sweet" i said "wait hold up. why did you get a desk?" he asked me "oh. shit. i didnt want to tell you yet but... in a couple of months, im going back to school to be a dance instructor. i havent told you yet but, im a dancer" and he stood there in shock "wow since when baby?" he asked "i have been a dancer my whole life" and kissed harry. i love his soft warm lips. he always kissed perfectly. "wanna pay then eat?" i asked "sure love" he said. so we paid and then went to mcdonalds-our favorite fast food restraunt- and ordered. we got 2 big macs, two drinks and 2 ice cream sundaes for the babies. we found a table in the not-so-busy cafetiria. "so the furniture is gonna be at the house in 3 days?" he asked me "yes" i replied. 'we might have to stay at my moms tommorow night since we wont have furniture yet" said harry shit. "what if she doesnt like me harry?" i asked. "love, she willadore you. i mean who doesnt?" he asked. "well okay then" i said "hey we have to egt going we have to go to the hospital with kaitlyn and niall" i said "okay lets get going then" and we went to throw our trash away then we got back in the car and drove off. i stared at harry as i drove his favorite sports car. he held my hand as i drove. he usually was scared about other people driving but wasnt afraid of me driving. i was the only other person he let drive ANY of his cars. i felt good that he trusted me. i love harry. 

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