If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


17. plans

Jessicas POV

"Harry go take a shower and ill get the babies ready" i called from Darcy and Louis room. By now, Kaitlyn and Niall had woken up. They walked into the room. "Good morning guys!" I said, picking up Darcy. She started to pull on my hair. I giggled a little bit and removed her hand, "Good morning" said Kaitlyn. "we are going to starbucks, and i need a little help with the kids, do you mind?" I asked Kaitlyn. "Oh Sure!" "Niall Harry is showering he should be out soon" i said "Okay thanks" he waved, then left. 

"Wow is he hungover too?" I asked. "Yep. He fell over getting out of bed!" "Well Harry just had a really bad headache." Kaitlyn went over to Louis and picked him up. I set Darcy down near Kaitlyn and went to the boxes at the window and grabbed two outfits; one for Louis and one for Darcy. "I am so excited for you guys to have your baby or babies! They can all be friends!!!" I said getting darcy out of her clothes and into the new ones. "I Know me too! We have an ultrasound in 5 days and i really need you to come!" she said changing louis."Of course! Cant wait!" I said. Kaitlyn finished up and we started to play around with them on the floor...


Harrys POV

I had gotten out of the shower and got dressed. When i stepped out of the bathroom, Niall was in there. "hey man" I said.


"Whats wrong?" I asked. 

"Im nervous about this whole baby thing."

"Hey dont be. Its not that bad actually. The only thing i was worried about was when she HAD the kids" I said. That probably wasnt good advice.

"Yeah. I hope it doesnt go bad. I mean this is all happening so fast i dont even know what to think anymore. I mean I love Kaitlyn I really do, but its just happening so fast."

"yeah. It sucks though. Me and jessica havent had 'alone time' in a while if you know what i mean. The kids are constantly up. Do you guys think you could watch them tonight? Just for one night?" 

"Sure man. I understand" He said winking and smiling.

'Oh stop it" I said. We both laughed and then Kaitlyn and Jessica walked in with the kids, they sat them on our "bed". Jessica walked over to me and reached up to kiss me. She is so short compared to me, i think its overly cute. "Okay I need to get dressed, goodbye guys!" she said, waving to niall and kaitlyn. "Bye guys!" said kaitlyn. Niall winked at me and they each grabbed a baby. Oh gosh hes such a sap.

"Okay what should I wear?" asked jessica. I didnt answer her. I just held her and kissed her once more. When we released, she said "Harry!" "we havent had alone time in forever. I miss you" I said. She looked up at me with her big green eyes and and adorable smile "Tonight" was all she said. She hugged me, then went to the many boxes of clothes on the side of the room and picked out a red sundress.

She took off her clothes, underwear and all. I stared in awe. She didnt notice. She slipped on a new pair of underwear and a new bra and put the sundress on. Man i cant wait for tonight. 

Jessicas POV

I could feel harry staring when i took off my clothes, but i didnt care. Hes allowed to look at me. I pulled on the dress then went to the bathroom and threw my hair up in a messy bun. Then i ran back over to the boxes and got my white ballet flats and my black sunglasses. "Im ready babe" I said. Harry grabbed his white all stars and fluffed his damp hair and ran over to me and picked me up bridal style. I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head on his shoulder. He opened the door and we went into kaitlyn and nialls room to get the babies. They had gotten them both strapped into their car seats and had a diaper bag out for us. "oh my gosh you guys are too much!" I said as harry put me down. I grabbed Louis' carseat and harry got darcy. "We will be back around ten. Thanks again!" I said I saw Niall wink at Harry. Harry smiled and we left the room. what the hell haha. 

we went down the steps, through the living room, through the kitchen, and out the door into harrys car.  We put the babies in the back and we got up front, Harry driving of course. 


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