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An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


11. news

i was looking around at the blurry room and i really didnt remember where i was. i saw a figure next to me and i was guessing that was harry. i looked to the other side and saw five other figures. i guessed that was the rest of the gang and eleanor. but one was missing, kait. i started blinking rapidly in hopes of geting my sight straight again. it worked. and i guessed right they were all there. harry was wide awake and the boys were sleeping just like i was. "where am i?" i asked harry "babe you are at the hospital" he said "why?" "you just had a c section for what im hoping two babies" he said. then i all came back to me. i remembered that one of the babies was not doing really well."are they both okay?" i asked "well darcy... urm was the one suffering. we are still waiting on weather or not she survived." he said i cryed a little bit. "hey it will be okay jess" he said kissing my cheek. "i know. i had a dream about us. we only had one baby though. i couldnt tell wich one it was though. and we watched a movie about a couple arguing about money and life. i dont want that to be us harry" i said "it wont i promise" he said then the doctor came in. i sat up "well i have good news and some bad news." he said. oh no. "the good news is that both babies are living and okay. but the bad news is that urm what did you name the girl?" he asked "darcy" said harry gripping my hand "okay darcy, she has type 1 diabeties." well that wasnt that bad . i thought. "well can i see them?" i asked "no" "why?" harry said standing up still holding my hand "because the doctors are still running tests on them" "we never said you could do tests on our babies she wants to see them now go get them" said harry getting closer to the doctor. he put a fist next to the doctors face "harry!" i said "get them now" he said and the doctor finally said "okay give me five minuets." harry came and sat next to me on the chair he pulled up. i started crying. "love whats wrong?" he asked. "i am just so happy" i said. harry lifted my chin up. he wiped my tears and kissed me. man did i miss those lips. i ut my fingers in his hair and then we released. then i heard clapping. "you go man" said louis. i turned around and looked at louis. i smirked. "gotta love louis!" i said. "wait. wheres niall?" i asked noticing he wasnt in his chair and then my life brightened up. "hey girly" said kaitlyn. she ran over to me and hugged me. "hey i missed you"  i said "i havent been gone that long" she said "i know. just go with it" i said as we pulled away from the hug. she ran over to hug niall. then my life (if it was possible)brightened up even more. a nurse and the doctor came in holding me and harrys babies. the nurse handed me louis and handed harry darcy. i kissed louis jr. forehead. "what did you name them?" asked zayn. i forgot we didnt tell them. "well, this little one right here is louis and the other one is darcy." i said "YES!" said louis. "but we cant call him louis if there are two of you" said kait. "what if we call the little louis booger?" i said "okay then lets call him booger" said harry laughing. then the doctors handed us our paper work. "who are the godparents?" asked liam. "well it took a long time to figure it out but, we have made our desicion. kaitlyn and liam are darcys godparents and eleanor and louis are louis god parents." said harry. . by now booger and darcy were in louis and liams hands. "i also have an announcement that NONE of you know." said kaitlyn. i started to smile and i looked at kaitlyn. "i...am...pregnant also" and i screamed. i wanted to get up and hug her but all the wires and stuff were attatched to me. she ran over to me and hugged me. "i am so happy for you" i said in her shoulder. "i think someone else wants a hug" i said looking at niall. she ran to niall and passed the hug and kissed her. then i kissed harry. and louis kissed eleanor. it was a picture perfect moment.

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