If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


14. Moving in part 1

The drive home was exciting. We listened to the radio and talked about the day ahead of us. When we pulled in the hotel parkinglot, the moving truckwas there and everyone was packing it up. "Harry im gonna go drop the babies off at my friends house while we pack and move in okay?" i asked "Okay love you!" he said as he got out of the car. I drove off again ito drop the kids off at my friend Tirzas. **when i got home** Everyone seemed to be done. Harry told me he got all the stuff into the truck and we just needed to drive to the new house."Hey eleanor and louis want to know if we want to go to a club tonight. Wanna go?" Harry asked me as we exchanged places in the car getting ready to leave to go to the new house. "Yeah um kait and niall should come!" i said. "Okay ill ask them. But you and kait cant drink. I looked it up and it said its not healthy." said harry. "Okay i wont. What about water?" i asked him "Ill allow that"he said. I giggled. I was suddenly excited. **AT THE NEW HOUSE** We unpacked for about four hours. I was setting up all types of blankets in the room me and harry took. It was the master suite. It came with a bathroom,a walk in closet and a terris on the back. The babies room was next to us. That was a plus. I was setting up blankets only for tonight because our furniture is coming tomorrow. I set all me and harrys clothes at the corner of the room, waiting for a dresser and i was covering the window, waiting for  curtains. Tomorrow is a big day. We have to paint our room and the twins room. We also had to move all the furniture in. I just wanted to sleep forever after unpacking.  I told harry i was gonna take a nap then we are gonna go eat and head to the club...

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