If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


8. hospital

since the day i found out, it has been days, weeks, and months. me and harry were getting ready to go to the doctors for an ultrasound. excited but nervous i put on a pair of sweatpants not being motivated to put on anything tight and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt. we got in the car. '"how are yo feeling babe?" harry asked me as we pulled out. "ive been better but worse." i said "well its okay itll be over soon" he said. 5 minuets past and we pulled into the parking lot at the hospital. we got out of the car and in the hospital. we went to the front desk. "we are here for an ulrtasound for jessica" said harry "ah yes wait over there doctor karen will be with you soon. and a tear came out of my eye. that was the name of my mom. even though it had been a while since they died i still was sensitive about it. "its okay love" said harry hugging me and kissing my head. "im nervous as fuck" i said "me too." "what do you hope itll be?" i asked him " well im hoping its a girl so we can name her darcy." he said "well i hope its a boy so we can name him louis" i said we both laughed. "jessica and harry" said the doctor we got upand followed her to the room to do the ultrasound. " wow you guys look young! how old are you?" she asked me "17" i said "wow!" she said "okay how long has it been since you found out?" she asked "7 months and 4 weeks" i said "wow you look a little big for 7 months!" she said i looked at harry. that cant be good. "okay im gonn ask you to lay down on this table and ill do the ultrasoun and we'll take it from there" she said i layed down on the very uncomfortable table and she did the stuff she needed to do (not going in detail) "well i see a hand. two and a head" she said pointing to them on a screen "oh uh.." she said "what" harry said " i see another pair of hands and another head. you guys are havring boy and girl twins!" she said. i looked at harry. he was smileing "thank you so much" said me and harry as we left the room to pick up the pictures at the desk . "so we are naming them darcy and louis?" i asked harrry "i guess so!" he said driving away eagar to tell the rest of the band what we are having.

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