If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


9. good news, then bad news

we hopped out of the car getting ready to tell everyone. when we went inside, everyone was standing in the doorway. "what is it what is it?!" asked kait "yeah tell us!" said louis "okay okay! we are having, boy and girl twins!" i said everyone started cheering. "im sooo happy for you!"said danielle. "you guys are gonna have cute babies! do you know what theyre names are yet?" she asked hugging me "yep! the girl is gonna be darcy and the boy is gonna be louis because for some reason, i love that name" "eeeeep!" said danielle. and kait came over "soooo how you feelin?" she asked "eh ive been better" i said "okay whos gonna be the god parents?" she asked me. "well i dont know but you are definetly gonna be one!" i said. "okay tell me asap!" and walked away after a hug. i went to sit on the couch next to harry. and i fell asleep for about an hour. i had a dream that my parents came back to life and yelled at me for getting pregnant. all they ever did was yell at me. but thats not how i want to remember them. and then i was woken up by a strange feeling in my stomach. "ow" i said "whats wrong?" said harry right were he was when i fell asleep "my stomach. it felt like i just got stabbed" i said "okay dont panic do you need anything?" he asked "no its fine its jus- OUCH" ad then i started to get worried. "okay i can take you to the hospital i you want or are you okay?" he said worried as much as me "yes lets go" i said and he picked me up and took me to the car. he put me in and ran to the house to tell louis we were going to the hospital. then after what felt like forever, we got to the emergency room. after the doctor took us to our room and did some tests, and found out, my water broke. that means im about to give birth. not looking forward to this, i layed down on the bed as the doctor went to get xrays to see if i needed to have a c-section (dont kniw if thats how you spell it) "harry" i said "yes love?" he asked "you do realize the baby is a little bit over 7 months and its supposed to take 9 months? what if they dont come out alright?i asked "baby itll be fine. "okay i have  bad news" said the doctor with the xrays. "  i only saw one heartbeat  and we have to do emergency c section to try to keep it alive." and i could have sworn my heartbeat stopped too. i burst into tears. then the doctor came in with a big needle and stuck it in my leg and i instanly stopped crying. i felt drunk. my eyelids fought to stay open but they eventually cdloseed and i fell into a deep sleep.

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