If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


7. getting through it

when harry came back, he woke everyone up and sat next to me. "what do yoiu guys wanna do today?" asked louis "we can go to the mall" dani suggested "okay lets go!" said kait. then everyone scambled to get ready and we were all in the car within five minuets. the drive is about 20 minuets long. when we got there, we went into macys first. lots of people took pictures but nobody came up to us because paul was with us. me and harry decided to go public until my baby bump started to show. i took  dani to the dress section. we tryed on dozens of dresses. "hey umm kait told me about the whole urm baby situation. just to let you know me el and perrie are here for you."she said ''thanks. its nice to have those kinds of friends" i said. then we ran to catch up with the boys. when we got with them we were all discussing wether if we should go to the movie theatre first then get food or get food first. of course niall wants food, along with louis and elanor. harry, liam and kait wanted to see the movie. zayn wanted food and perrie wanted the movie. it was up to me and dani to decide. "well i am kinda hungry..."said dani. but then harry looked at me and i said "we can always get a snack at the movies and then get food" and then harry held up his thumb at me. i winked at him and we were off to the movies. we were gonna see "the devil inside". this is how we sat. i went perrie, then zayn, then liam, then danielle, then me, then harry, then niall, then kait, then elanor. "i heard this was a super scary movie" i said to harry "maybe we should hold hands so i dont get scared" and he smiled. i put my hand out in front of him to hold it and he did.  then the movie started. and i was right. it was scary. eventually i ended up sitting in harrys lap hugging him, putting my face in his shoulder when the scary parts came. and every time i did this harry reminded me that he loved me and that he was always there for me. when the movie was over harry kissed me. then we walked out of the theatre to head to the food court. harry picked me up bridal style and took me to the food cout so i didnt have to walk myself. me and harry went to mcdonald with louis and elanor. then niall and kait went to subway with danielle, liam, perrie and zayn. me and harry decided to sit by ourselves. "what are we supposed to do?" i asked him "what do you mean?" "well we are two teenagers with no parents to turn to for advice about our situation" "well, we will get through this. together. i promise you we will be okay. and if you ever need ANYTHING just come to me im there for you." he said and he leaned in to kiss me. "lets just hope its only one kid!" i said. and for the rest of the day we walked around the mall. me feeling perfect. just a couple weeks ago, i was a normal 17 year old who just got out of school, looking for adventure and adventure is what i got. im now harry styles girlfriend, pregnant with our first baby. every night since i found out, i wondered "how am i gonna do this?"

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