If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


6. finding out

when i woke up the only other person up was kait. sh was in the kitchen drinking coffee checking her twitter. "hey" i said "hey" she said back "did you and harry DO it last night?'' she asked me "yeah. but im a little worried." she looked at me funny. then she said "are you talking about getting pregnant?" "yes. what if i am. what if my parents get mad and send me away and abort the baby?" i asked. "well um thats also something i need to talk to you about..." there was a long pause. "what?" i asked. " well when i woke up to get coffee, your phone rang. it was your brother. your parets got in a car accident and instanly got killed on impact" she said. my eyes started to fill with tears. i ran over to kaitlyn nd hugged her. i cryed for an hour. then  i pulled my face away and wiped my tears. "your brother said he was gonna be at your aunts house if you ever needed him because i told him where you are." she said " thank you" i said. "well i think we should go buy a pregnacy test to find out about this" she said so we went to the car and hopped in. we stopped by my house to get some new clothes on, my wallet, ipad and glasses. yes i wear glasses. but only for reading. then i put my clothes in a suitcase and we drove to cvs. i bought a pregnacy test and we went back to the hotel. when we got in the room i went to the bathroom and did what i needed to do and waited for like 15 minuets for the answer.it came up as +. i was pregnant. i walked ou crying a little. i cant imagine myself with a baby. by this time harry was up too. they were in the dining room sitting at the table. "hey love!" i looked at harry "hi." i said back "whats wrong?" he asked "well ummm. im pregnant." i said he got up out of his chair. "what?!" he said "really?" "yes." and i smiled at what harrys expression was. "is this a good thing?" i asked. "urm i dont really know but i know what will happen if the fans find out" "then bwe dont tell them or show them i just wont go in public with you while you can tell im pregnant." i said. "okay that works i guess." and i looked into his eyes. "we are gonna be parents and we have only been together for a week." i said "but i love you. if i was to have a baby with anyone, itd be you."he said kissing my forehead. "and another thing. kait told me about your parents. are you okay?" he asked. "yes but i dont have a place to stay" i said "well you can stay with me and the boys" he said "well if its not a problem" i said "okay love well im gonna go think for a little bit. tell me if you need anything okay?" "okay love you!'' i said and then i sat down next to kait. "so, your pregnant?" she asked. "yes and im not ready for it." i said and we went to the couch to watch some tv

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