If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


12. everything

a couple weeks have passed and me, harry, kait, niall and the rest of the gang found a permanant house and are moving in soon.all we have been doing for a while is packing. while i pack harry watches the babies and while harry packs i watch them.kaitlyns bump has been getting bigger.  it is december 20. christmas is just around the corner. we all have lots to do today. me harry and the kids have to go find winter clothes for booger and darcy.and we also have to finish packing and shop for christmas presents. kait and niall have a doctors appointment wich i am going to and then we all have to take our stuff to our new house. the new house has 3 floors, 5 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, and 2 game rooms. i guess you could qualify it as a mansion. me and harry are going to live on the top floor with the biggest bedroom and a room right next to it for the babies. on the other side of our room is niall and kaits room and they have a room next to them for their kid(s).and so on. so i went into my room and put on my favorite pair of pink skinny jeans. i also put on my white toms, a white cami and a half shirt with long sleeves that said love with the same pink color the pants were. the base color was black. i had lost 20 pounds because of giving brth to the babies. the c-section did a lot. i used to weigh 100 now i weigh 80. pretty good for a girl with twins! i grabbed my black purse, my iphone, and my sunglasses and went to the bathroom to get my makeup done. i did that and threw my hair in a fishtail braid. then ran down the steps. harry was playing with louis and darcy. i grabbed louis and put his coat on for him (louis jr.) and then put darcys on. "you ready?'' i asked harry "yes. you look amazayn. i cant beleive you can pull all of this off! he said and then i picked up darcy, harry picked up louis jr. and we hopped in the car. i put the kids in their carseat as harry heated up the car. then i got in the passenger seat and we drove off to the mall. **at the mall** we stopped by jc pennys first. harry put the kids in the stroller and took them in there to look for their clothes while i went to do furniture shopping for the new house. "remember they both wear 1 month and dont get them confused. also remember that darcy needs socks, louis needs shirts and they both need diapers and a winter hat. also they-" and i was cut off by a kiss from harry. "ive got this you dont have to worry 24/7 we are in this together okay" he said i nodded and hugged him goodbye as i went to the furnitre store.

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