If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


3. Before the concert

I went to the bathroom and took a cold bath when I got out I hit dressed, did my hair and did my makeup. I have my dad a hug telling him I wasnt sure if I was going to be back tonight and not telling him why. Then I got in my car and drove to kaitlyns house and picked her up. "OMG I scored a date with Niall after the concert!!!" she said "that's cool because I got a date with harry after the concert! maybe it can be a double date!" I said "maybe. Are you as pumped as I am?" she asked me. "no I am more pumped than you. Me and Harry might spend the night at a hotel tonight if the date goes well!" I told kaitlyn. When we got to the stadium I felt like my whole fantasy was coming true. Getting to meet one direction let alone getting to meet Harry. And then I get to go on a date wit Harry and sleeping with him!!! We showed the man at the door our tickets and backstage passes and told him our names "hey I know you girls. Your Harry and nialls girlfriends they can't stop talking about you!" he says. "here I'll show you the way to the boys dressing rooms if they don't mind a visit. And also. I can move your seats up to the front if you'd like." he said. "of course we would thank you your very nice. And yeah I'd like to see Harry please if he isn't busy" i said. Then he escorted me to Harry's dressing room and kaitlyn to nialls dressing room. "hey my love" Harry said walking twards me. He picked me up and put his arms around my waist saying I love you. I take off my jacket and put my purse on the hanger. "so do you ever get nervous before a concert?" I asked him "well only if I'm trying to impress somebody." he said winking at me.  "I'm really excited for our date tonight!" I said. There really wasn't antthing to talk about because we talked about everything last night. "listen. I have a quiestion. Tonight during the concert me and the boys have to pick a girl from the crowd to one on stage with us during a song. I wanted to bring you up. Does that sound good?" he said. I stood there in shock watching my dreams come true before my eyes. "yes of course. But, I might get stage fright. Ideally don't do well in front of crowds." "dont worry Ill be up there with you the whole time. You can hold my hand if you'd like." he said. "okay I will" and I giggled a little. "hey do you know I Niall is taking kaitlyn up with him because I really dont want to leave her down there by herself." I asked Harry. "um I don't know. He probably will he talked about her nonstop last night." "okay that's good". "well its almost time to get up on stage. Go find your seat and I'll pull you up on the third song in." he said. "okay. Good luck I love you!" I said. " I love you too." and I walked out and closed the door behind me. Then kaitlyn came running down the hall from nialls dressing room. "you won't believe this!" we both said at the same time. "you first" I said to her. " Niall is gonna pull me up on stage with him!!!" "omg that's awesome because Harry's pulling me up too!!" we both squealed in excitement and starte for the arena.
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