If only<3

An ordinary girl who meets an extraordinary superstar, Harry styles


5. at the hotel

when the concert was over,me and kait whent to the boys dressing rooms. "hey i have a question. do you and kaitlyn want to spend the night in our hotel with us?" i was shocked. "uh duh!" i said laughing. i went over to kaitlyn at nialls dressing room. "hey do you wanna spend the night at their hotel with me?" i asked her. "now what do you think that answer is?" she said " um im hoping yes!" and she shook her head. "YAY!" i said hugging her. "hey what about me?" asked harry i ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "wwell then it getting late my loves" he said "lets go to the hotel" and we left and got into harrys bently (-so hot!-) and drove off. when we got into the hotel i swear my jaw touched the floor. it was litterally golden inside. everything was gold. it looked so expensive and i bet if you walked around the entire place you would loose 50 pounds. it was huge. "um we have a room under cowell" said niall. "ah yes here is your key thank you and have a wonderful stay" said the man at the desk.we walked up what seemed to be a hundred steps and finnaly got to our room. we unlocked the door and got inside. "holy shit how much did this cost?" i asked. "im not sure. simon is paying for all of it" said harry. i ran over to one of the beds. it was super comfy. harry came and laid next to me. "how do you like it?" asked harry."my mind is blown." i said back. then he rolled closerto me. i was getting nervous. he put his arm around me and we kissed. i heard the dor shut it must have been kait and niall leavig for privacy. and IT happened............ when it was around seven niall and kait came back. they got mcdonalds. "dinner!" yelled niall. me and harry got up and ran to the table. niall had three bags in front of him and me, harry and kait only had one. "damn niall" i said. "i just love how we are in probablt the most expensive hotel ever, and we are eating mcdonalds" i said. after eating we all got to the couch. we turned on the tv and the door opened. in walked in liam and danielle, louis and elanor, and zayn and perrie. they all came and sat on the couches with us. "who wants to watch a movie?" asked zayn. "i do" said everyone else. we went on on demand. and, out of all the movies on the section, we picked findinf nemo. niall cryed in the beginning but kait and him snuggled up and he stopped. me and harry lay on the couch with harrys arm around me. i felt really comfy. we all fell asleep that night on the couch.

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