The girl with the red Umbrella

Before I continue, I would like you to know that every single one of these stories is true. Each story actually happened to my Grandmother.

The first story that my grandmother ever told me was the story of the girl with the red umbrella. It was a rainy day, and we had finished the little house on the prairie series a while ago. I asked my grandmother to read me a story, but she said " I have already read almost every book I own to you."
" then tell me a story about when you were little."

" OK then. When I was, let's see, ten twelve years old, we lived on this little house by the road. It was a really big property, but a small house. Back then a lot of people had outhouses, and our house didn't have never yet. We used to have to go around the back and pee behind a tree. One day my stepfather decided to build us an outhouse.He built the outhouse on its side, so he couldn't see the proportions. He put the seat up way too high, and couldn't put a roof on it. He said


2. The girl with the red umbrellla

     I forget the time and the place, but I will forever remember the story of the girl with the red umbrella. I think I must have been ten or twelve years old. My dad had bought a beautiful green property, with rolling hills, and shady trees. The house was small, especially  for a family of nine. We made do. There was no bathroom of any kind. Any time you had to go, then you would have to go in the trees. 


    One day my father decided that that would have to stop. He decided to build UA an outhouse. He worked long and hard. Finally, he was finished. There was only one problem. He had built it lying on its side. And the seat was four feet off the ground, leaving no room for a roof. We told him that he would have to build another, but he refused. " I have worked right hard on this to throw it away because you don't want your heads Otto show." To make matters worse, he placed it on a hill by the road. Instead of a roof, we used a red umbrella. That was all fine and dandy, except for the fact that when I went to school the next week, everyone recognized me as the girl with the red umbrella. 

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