The girl with the red Umbrella

Before I continue, I would like you to know that every single one of these stories is true. Each story actually happened to my Grandmother.

The first story that my grandmother ever told me was the story of the girl with the red umbrella. It was a rainy day, and we had finished the little house on the prairie series a while ago. I asked my grandmother to read me a story, but she said " I have already read almost every book I own to you."
" then tell me a story about when you were little."

" OK then. When I was, let's see, ten twelve years old, we lived on this little house by the road. It was a really big property, but a small house. Back then a lot of people had outhouses, and our house didn't have never yet. We used to have to go around the back and pee behind a tree. One day my stepfather decided to build us an outhouse.He built the outhouse on its side, so he couldn't see the proportions. He put the seat up way too high, and couldn't put a roof on it. He said


1. the first story

     I sat on the hard couch in my grandmother's living room. Everything here is familiar. The gentle scent of food cooking in the kitchen is very common here. So the the somewhat harsher accent of cigarette smoke from my grandfather. Their little poodle, Baby, runs around my heels barking, then sits on my lap. She is so small it hardly makes a difference. I love being here. I spend almost as much time here as I do at home. 

     When I was littler, I would sit next to my grandma while she read me stories, the little house on the prairie being the the most frequent. I would call her, and she would read me more. That's how I first got my love of reading. 

     Now that I am older, and the little boys eon the prairie books are worn out, we just talk. Sometimes my grandfather would tell me stories, like when his brother died at age 14 from a bullet, but mostly it was my grandmother. She has been telling me stories for years, and we haven't gone through half of them.

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