Behind those Baby Blues

A teenage girl discovers the unknown boyband ,One Direction, on a british talent show called the X Factor. She falls for the blonde haired, blue eyed irish boy Niall Horan, and she knows she must meet him. She does everything in her power to see the band when they come to america, but are her efforts enough? is what she get's into more than she bargined for? Turn the pages to find out....


15. The call

**Julia's P.O.V.**

      "Hello?!" I franticly barked into the phone. "Urm.. Is this Julia?" asked a strange voice. "Yes.." I trailed off. "This is Officer Brown with the Dallas police department. I was calling to tell you that Annabelle was spotted at the DFW International airport and we have officers following them at this very moment." "Oh thank you!!" I cried. I hung up and ran out into the living room, almost falling over my own feet a couple of times. "They've seen her!" I screamed. Everybody looked up startled. Casey and Lainey ran up to me and we all went into the back play room and celebrated. "Julia, I think you should go see your man," winked Casey. I walked in Niall's room to see him laying on his bed watching tv. "Hey baby," he looked over at me, he patted the bed next to him. I layed down and snuggled close to him. When I lay in his arms, I felt safe, like nothing can hurt me.

     I was woken up by Niall rustling around and flipping over. He moved and hovered over me, his blue eyes piercing mine. "What's wrong?" he asked. I felt the tears building in my eyes. "Nothing.." I looked away from him. "Julia, tell me." his voice rose. I cringed away from him. "Niall, I'm worried they lost Annabelle.." "Don't think that. They'll get her and bring her back safe and sound." he said comfortingly. He helped me out of bed and we walked into the living room. "Hey Julia!" I heard immediately as I walked in. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and pick me up. They spun me around and around. "STOP! I'm gonna puke!" I screamed. He put me down quickly, and I fell to the ground. I looked up and it was Louis who had spun me. Of course, what a surprise. I tried to get up but I couldn't, My vision started to blur and laid back down. "Julia! Julia!" I heard a voice screaming in the distance. I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to tell who.

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