Behind those Baby Blues

A teenage girl discovers the unknown boyband ,One Direction, on a british talent show called the X Factor. She falls for the blonde haired, blue eyed irish boy Niall Horan, and she knows she must meet him. She does everything in her power to see the band when they come to america, but are her efforts enough? is what she get's into more than she bargined for? Turn the pages to find out....


34. Ruined

**Julia's P.O.V.**

     I gasped. "Oh Niall!" he had taken me to my favorite spot in all of Ireland. Emerald cove was a place only Niall knew about, he discovered it when he was about 5, while he was riding his bike. There is a lake about 6 feet deep of cold, crisp, crystal clear water. The grass and trees are emerald green. Everything is so rich ad healthy, it made you feel at home. I spun around and hugged him, pulling him as close as my belly would let me. "Oh Niall thank you! I've missed this place soooo much!" I squealed. "Go exploring!" he laughed, and set up the red and white checkered blanket. I wandered around the edge of the water, taking my time. I could feel Niall's eyes watching my every move. I squatted down and watched the fish swim in the water. I looked up after about five minutes, and saw a glint in the trees. Strange, I heard a click, a flash of blonde hair and a bang.

     **Niall's P.O.V.**

      I heard the shot fire, and I panicked. I saw Julia grab her arm and start to run towards me. I bolted towards her and scooped her up. "The bullet grazed my arm," she said calmly. She lifted her hand away and revealed a small cut, barely bleeding. "Oh babe! Your very lucky!" I huffed. The adrenaline rush I have gave me strength, I pulled her closer to me and ran faster, each step carrying us closer to safety. I heard the bullet strike the ground behind me, right were my foot just was. I had planned this out so perfectly, but it was all ruined. My secret hiding spot had been discovered, I felt the tears building behind my eyes but I shook them away. This was no time for that, I had to get Julia and my baby to safety.

     I looked behind me and saw nothing, and charged forward. I ran past the blanket, and slipped onto the path. I slowed down to a jog, and looked down at Julia. Her body was light, and she was a little paler than normal. "Niall... Get me to the hospital.. NOW!" she screamed. She looked up at me and I knew what she meant. It was time for my baby to be born. My beautiful daughter is going to come into the world. My cheeks blushed red, and a tear slipped down my cheek. She smiled the best smile she could manage and wiped away the tear. I opened the car door and placed her inside, buckled her up and ran to my side. I heard a rustling in the bushes, and I turned as I got in the car and saw two green eyes staring at me. "Casey..." I whispered. "What?" Julia asked me. "Casey is in the bushes, she followed us here and tried to kill you!" I screeched as I killed the gas pedal.

      The escalade jerked forward and shot down the road. "We have to get out of here and to the hospital as fast as possible." I spit out. Julia flopped her head over at me,"Duh!" she said, quite angrily. I weaved the big SUV down all the shortcuts I knew, and flew down the highways. As we pulled into the parking lot I quickly shifted gears and turned off the car. Julia slowly opened her door and unbuckled. She gingerly set each foot on the ground, and looked up. No paparazzi, a sigh of relief.

      I ran around and shit her door, locked the door and picked her up bridal style. I walked as fast as I could into the main lobby of the ER. I walked to the desk to see a young woman, "Um hello I'm Niall Horan and my wife is having a baby right now so yeah.." Her head popped up as I said my name. I knew she was a fan. "Ladies! Baby delivery!" she screamed. Soon enough two older ladies came through the swinging doors, pushing a wheel chair. I gently set her down in the chair and kisses her sweaty forehead. "I'm gonna go call the boys. I'll be right there!" I smiled down at her. She nodded, reached up and put her sugar pink lips to mine pulled back and smiled...


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