Behind those Baby Blues

A teenage girl discovers the unknown boyband ,One Direction, on a british talent show called the X Factor. She falls for the blonde haired, blue eyed irish boy Niall Horan, and she knows she must meet him. She does everything in her power to see the band when they come to america, but are her efforts enough? is what she get's into more than she bargined for? Turn the pages to find out....


12. Posters on the wall

**Julia's P.O.V.**

"Oh mom!" I cried. "Julia it's going to be ok, don't worry," she stroked the back of my hair. "Who would've done something like this?" I wimpered. "Quite honestly, I don't know.." she trailed off. I let go of her and asked an officer if I could go inside. "Yeah just stay away from Annabelle's room." he grumbled. I turned to look for Niall, he was right behind me. I just stood there and looked at him. He walked foward and picked me up. "I promise we will find her. I'm going to do everything I possibly can to help." he said. I just cried even more, soaking his red shirt. "Do you wanna go up to you room?" I nodded. He gently put me down, and I took his hand and led him into the house.

     I slowly walked up the stairs and took short, sharp breaths as I saw Annabelle's room. I started to walk towards it, it was only a few feet away. The two hands wrapped around my waist reminded me that no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't. I turned away from her room and walked down the hallway and into my room. Niall started to giggle when he saw all my posters of One Direction, and my wall just for his pictures. I layed down on my bed and pulled the covers up over me and I watched Niall walk around my room and read all the little notes I had on the posters. He stopped at his wall and I watched his back tense. "Niall? Are you ok?" I asked quietly. He turned around and I saw tears running down his face. I patted the bed next to me and he sat down. "What's wrong Niall?" he looked down at me. "The things you wrote about me. They're absolutley amazing. Nobody has ever said that about me.." he trailed off. "Oh yeah." I blushed. "Im really happy this whole thing worked out. Harry really likes Casey and Zayn really likes Lainey. And most of all, I'm happy we're together." He leaned down and kissed me, this one being even better than the last.

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