Behind those Baby Blues

A teenage girl discovers the unknown boyband ,One Direction, on a british talent show called the X Factor. She falls for the blonde haired, blue eyed irish boy Niall Horan, and she knows she must meet him. She does everything in her power to see the band when they come to america, but are her efforts enough? is what she get's into more than she bargined for? Turn the pages to find out....


31. Moments

**Niall's P.O.V.**

      I jumped over the counter and sprinted to help Julia. Casey completely took her by surprise, and was hitting the shit out of her. Liam had already pulled Casey off and was heading towards the elevator. "I WILL GET YOU AND YOUR BABY!" Casey screeched as the doors to the elevator closed. Julia had slumped down on the couch, unmoving. I slid on the floor and stopped at the couch. I slid my hand underneath her head, and lifted her into my lap. "Niall?" her eyes opened. "NIALL?!" she screamed, "I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" her breathing had quickened, her hands running over her face. "It's gonna be ok baby girl!" I said and placed both of our hands on the unborn child. I rested my cheek on her forehead, and breathed in the sweet smell of her shampoo.

     "Niall, can you sing to me?" she said so quietly, I almost missed it. "Anything for you love," I replied and kissed her lips. I started to sing my solo from Moments, I knew it was her favorite. She closed her eyes and nuzzled her head in my neck. I rocked her back and forth, all the memories we have had flashing in my mind.

     The moment of our first kiss, the night I drove her home to find Annabelle missing, backstage at the concerts. The first night we slept together, her skin so smooth and perfect against mine. Our lips how they crashed together, and how her hands danced in my hair. I remembered the sheer bliss that came over me when I touched her warm skin the next morning, the moment I knew, she is my princess. I looked down at her now, so tiny and bruised. But still the beautiful girl that could do no wrong in my eyes. She had fallen asleep on me, and I realized how peaceful she looked.

     The elevator doors slowly opened and a breathless Liam walked out. "That girl, is crazzzyyyy!" he sighed, trying to blow it all off. He turned to me, "Niall, she needs a doctor.." his brown eyes seemed to be sending me a hidden message. I nodded down to Julia sleeping soundly on me, and shrugged. "I got it," I heard Zayn yell sleepily from his room. In a few seconds I heard his voice rumbling into his phone. "Liam, should we take her to the lobby?" I asked him. "I dunno," he shrugged, "if there's paparazzi downstairs, we'll never hear the end of it." he said and turned on the tv. We sat in silence and watched the TV screen silently flicker with pictures of celebrities and new movies.

     A picture of me, Julia and Harry popped up. Liam quickly turned the sound on. "Teen heartthrob Niall Horan and his beautiful girlfriend Julia Grandstone walking outside the boys current flat in downtown Dallas on Wensday." said a woman off screen. She went on and on about how cute we are and the touring and how it was affecting Julia, El, Dani, and Lainey. "Reportedly, Harry Styles and Casey Lightfoot have split. But for an interesting reason. Sources say that Julia is expecting a child, but who's the father?! Is is Harry or Niall?" the girl questioned, her voice all to cheery. They flashed a picture of Julia and Harry running into the store holding hands. "Niall, he's just pulling her inside." Liam said trying to comfort me. "I know," and honestly I did know. I trusted her, and that was during the days when I was gone. "Is the a sign that Julia may be cheating on Niall?! Who baby is it? What will this baby do to the boy's career? Tune in next time for more info." she said happily. Liam quickly turned off the tv. "Niall, we both know it's your baby. And we both know she's not cheating on you." "Liam, I know all of this. I trust her with all my heart. I know it's my baby." my voice is calm and steady. I pulled her closer and she curled up even more and snuggled up to me.

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