Behind those Baby Blues

A teenage girl discovers the unknown boyband ,One Direction, on a british talent show called the X Factor. She falls for the blonde haired, blue eyed irish boy Niall Horan, and she knows she must meet him. She does everything in her power to see the band when they come to america, but are her efforts enough? is what she get's into more than she bargined for? Turn the pages to find out....


18. Homecoming

**Julia's P.O.V.**

      I couldn't believe my eyes, they were both here. I looked at my dad, his gold eyes staring back at me. "So, how you feeling Jewel?" he asked. He always used to call me that when I was little. "Good.." I managed to croak. He got up and walked towards me. I tried to scoot away, but I hit the edge of the bed. He lifted his hand and I felt his finger trace around my face. "Open your eyes darling." he said quietly. I hadn't seen him in years, and I hated him for it. But his voice was so comforting, I couldn't help but do what he said. I opened my eyes and looked into his. "Well my eyes look good on you!" he laughed. His short dark hair, his perfect white teeth, his tan skin. He looked exactly the same the day he left. "Why did you leave us?" I asked him. "It's a long story." he said, his deep voice rumbling through my body. He strode over to the chair and sat down, returning to his blank stare he was giving me earlier. I heard rapid footsteps in the hallway, I quickly turned my head towards the door. I knew the nurses and seen my monitor alarm and where coming to check on me.

     Niall burst through the door and stopped short. His eyes where locked on my father. "Niall?! Is that really you!" screamed Annabelle. He shifted his eyes down to her and smiled. "You must be Annabelle! And yes, I'm Niall Horan." his blue eyes glittering. "So your the mystery Niall my Julia loves," said my father as he stood up. He strode slowly across the room, stopped a few feet away, and stood looking down on Niall. "I'll be watching you. So treat her right." her patted him on the shoulder and walked out of the room.

     Niall shook it off and ran over to me. "Baby are you ok?" he asked and kissed my forehead. "I'm fine Niall." I said quietly, "I just wanna go home," I started to cry. I couldn't hold it in anymore, I was so tired of it all. A small lady stepped forward, "Now that your stable, you can go home." she said and removed my IVs. I slowly sat up and tried to walk, my knees were to unstable. Niall gave me his sweatshirt and I pulled on my nike shorts. He picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the hospital.

      I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head in his chest, breathing in his strong cologne. He walked to his Mercedes and gently placed me in the passenger seat and buckled me in. He walked around the car and plopped into the drivers seat, the engine purring to life. I felt his hand reach over and stroke my leg. I reached down and weaves my fingers into his. I looked over at him and ruffled his hair. "Hey now!" he said pretending to be angry. "Don't use that tone with me mister!" I teased back.

     We both were hurting from laughing so much by the time we pulled in the driveway. Niall picked me up and gave me a piggyback ride all the way up to the flat. We stepped out into the living room and he let me down. I walked to the couch and flopped down. I breathed in the sweet smell of new leather, my favorite. In the few days I haven't been hear, I realized how much I missed this place. I heard some loud noises coming from the bedroom hallway, so I decided to investigate. I slowly crept up to each door and listened. I finally got back to Louis's room and opened the door. I almost fell on my knees at the sight I saw..

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