Summer in London

Kat, a 17 year-old British-Australian girl visits London for the first with her 19 year old sister, Skyler while their parents are on a business trip. Their parents already have a house, which the girls stay in. As they walk around their neighborhood, they find themselves in a coffee shop, where a handsome British boy spilled coffee on her. This changes Kat's life for the next 4 months before they go back to Ireland.


2. New Friend in London

Kat's POV: Was it just me, or did Louis say Zayn and Harry were in love? Well. He is Louis. Probably just joking. After all, we did just met and everything. "Kat!" Skyler yelled "Whattie?" I asked "I can't believe what just happened" "Well. Me either... treat them like regular guys, don't go crazy" I laughed Just then, I heard honks behind me "Who is it?" Skyler asked "I have... no idea" I responded I saw an expensive shiny black car, and One Direction came out and the car stayed there "Can we help you, again?" I laughed "Do you guys want to hang out with us? Like, at Nandos? Just for a light breakfast?" Liam asked us "We would love to" I smiled, looking back at Skyler. I know what she's thinking right now, she's fan girling, like I am right now "We still didn't get your name yet..." Niall looked at us "I'm Kat Evans" I smiled extending my hand out and shook all their hands "I'm Skyler Evans" Skyler said, shaking their hands, too "Well, I'm sure you know us" Harry and Louis said "Of course we do" Skyler said, laughing "Well, come on in" Zayn said, guiding us to the car ~At Nandos~ We arrived at Nandos, and Zayn pulled out the chair for me to sit on "thanks" I smiled at him while Harry helped Skyler. I instantly clicked with Louis and Zayn, and Skyler clicked with Harry, Niall, and Liam, but we all got along pretty well. Skyler and I ordered a couple ice teas because we ate already, but Niall ate as much as half the table "Is that normal?" I giggled whispering to Zayn  "You have no idea" Zayn said. We both laughed and everyone at the table looked at us "everything okay? What's so funny?" Harry asked "Oh... nothing" we responded After we all ate and paid, we walked out to find the car. "Can we get your number before you leave?" Louis asked "Sure" Skyler and I said  They gave us their phones and we punched our numbers in, and we gave the ours so they can put theirs in. "Mrs.Evan... I believe" the driver said "Just call me Kat, and my sister Skyler" I told him "Well, Kat. May I ask for your address?" he asked I gave him our address and Skyler and I started to talk and laugh with the boys. They were quite funny, and cool to be around. The whole car trip made me think that I wasn't talking to One Direction, but just 5 guy friends hanging out with Skyler and I. Before I knew it, I was already at home.  "Text us sometime" Skyler said "Yeah, call us" I nodded "sure" Zayn said "you guys...want to come in?" I asked "Sure" they all said  


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