Summer in London

Kat, a 17 year-old British-Australian girl visits London for the first with her 19 year old sister, Skyler while their parents are on a business trip. Their parents already have a house, which the girls stay in. As they walk around their neighborhood, they find themselves in a coffee shop, where a handsome British boy spilled coffee on her. This changes Kat's life for the next 4 months before they go back to Ireland.


1. At London

Kat's POV: "Kat, get up." I heard Skyler say, throwing a pillow at me "Okay... okay" I said, getting up "I made some breakfast, after we'll get to the airport. London is pretty hot this time of year, did you pack bikinis and shorts?"  "Hmm. Yeah, I did."  She left my room, and I went to take a quick shower. As the warm water go down my velvet red hair, down my back, I felt refreshed. After I took my shower, I blow dried my hair and put on light make-up. I took out my Black and gray stripes Mickey Mouse tank-top, and denimen shorts. I took my suitcases with me down for breakfast. When I got down, pancakes, orange juice, and strawberries were waiting on my plate.  "Morning Kat" She smiled.  "Morning Sky" I smiled back. Skyler wore a white One Direction tank-top, and same shorts Skyler and I have a lot in common, we both like One Direction, same taste in music, same taste in style, and many like that. But, our apearances are kind of different. Skyler is taller than me, has natural curly brown hair, sapphire eyes, and a bit tan. I have straight velvet red hair, sapphire eyes, and peach.  ~After breakfast~ We went into a cab to the airport, even though Skyler already has a car and license. When they check everything, and showed them our passports and tickets, we walked into the plane "Miss" A man stopped us "Is something the matter?" Skyler asked "Your tickets are first class" "Rigggght... I forgot... Daddy purchased first class... " Skyler and I turned around to walk into first class. It was beautiful! The seats were comfy and big, you get your own TV, and there was a minicure door to get off your seat. My seat and Skylers' were next to each other, which was connected, which made it bigger. ~At our house~ Skyler and I caught a cab to get to our house daddy bought us. It was big! More like a mansion... "We're here" Skyler said, as we took my luggage our luggage from the cab.  When we walked in, it was beautiful! We went to explore and unpack. There was a basement ( 1st floor ) Living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms were on the 2nd floor. The living room had A LOT of space, including a flatscreen, 4 couches,  and a wide table. There was 2 master bedrooms on the second floor, each had bathrooms, and another bathroom outside. The 3rd floor had 5 rooms, they were pretty big, but not as big as the master bedrooms. They also had 4 bathrooms. Skyler and I each chose a room on the second floor, and unpacked. We decided to explore around. It was 7:00 in the morning, pretty early. Australia and London had different times. I decided to change, cause it was kind of cold out. I changed into a dress, and a long coat ( not buttoned )with my hair tied up with a bow. I also brought my hand-purse that had my phone, keys, and money. We went out for a walk, and walked into a coffee shop. Skyler bought a latte and a brownie, and I bought hot coco and cookie.  "Skyler, I'll be right out, need to add something to this coco"  "Okay. I'll be outside, need to find directions around here" After I finished, I was walking out, then, I felt something burn my stomach. Someone probably spilled coffee on me. "s-Sorry" I heard a British boy say "'s okay. I'll wash this, I bumped into you..." I said. I didn't quite see his face "No... here" he said, wiping my dress with a napkin "Is everything okay?" I heard Skyler come back in "Yeah..." I said "Ohmigod!" Skyler said, kind of loud, not screaming "Zayn? One Direction Zayn?" Skyler blurted "Umm. Yeah, you two fans?" He asked, as I looked up "Oh my god, yes" I smiled "I'm very sorry about this dress" He said "Nonono, it's fine. Don't worry about it." I told him "Yeah, I'll just wash this up for her" Skyler told him. I wanted to scream so loudly! Zayn was my celebrity crush! I love One Direction! I wanted to fan girl, along with Skyler, but we kept calm. "You know, this is the longest conversation with a fan without anyone screaming" Zayn told us "We're big fans, we wanted to meet you guys for 2 years." Skyler told him "Thanks" he smiled "Everything alright lad?" I saw Harry walk up to us "Yeah... I spilled coffee on this beautiful girl... turns out they're big fans" Zayn told him, as Louis, Liam, and Niall approched. They weren't really far away, so they probably heard "Anyways... I'm really sorry" Zayn said, looking into my eyes "Really it's okay. We need to be going now, see you guys around?" I said, keeping it cool "Yeah" Skyler nodded "Sure, anytime" Zayn smiled Before I turned away, I saw the boys nudge Zayn a little and heard them say something "I think Harry and Zayn are in loveeeeee." I heard Louis tease them


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