The One That Got Away

"Umm, hello Ms. Tomlinson....?"
"Hello hun, may I ask who this is?"
"Umm, your son Louis is adopted, right?
"Yes, but who is this? Are you a fan? How did you get this number?"
"Ummm... Well... I am your sons half sister"


31. Where are we going?!

The car pulled up the the mellow Dublin airport. "Where are we going? I asked Harry. "We are going to Barbados!" He said. Harry grabbed a suitcase from behind us. "Here love!" He said as he handed it to me. I opened it and jack wills clothes started spilling out. "Harry did you buy me all new clothes?" I asked. "Yes hon, me and the boys all picked it out." He said with a big grin on his face. I kept looking through all the clothes. It was ALL jack wills. It must have been super expensive! I pulled out a pair of underwear and a bra. "Harry?! Did you pick out underwear for me?!" He laughed and said,"well I had to! I looked at the sizes in the drawer at the bus!" "Harry!" I screamed,"you looked through my underwear?!" He laughed even more,"yes! Me and the boys even put on some of your bras!" I frowned at him. He took my suitcase and closed it. He grabbed his suitcase and then grabbed my hand. We walked out into the airport. There were tons of photographers and screaming girls. But Harry just ran through them holding my hand. We barely made it to security! Once we were on the plane it went and changed it the bathroom. I put on a (jack wills) pink crew neck and dark blue sweatpants. I got back to my first class seat and Harry went to change. He wore a navy sweater and gray sweatpants and a beanie. I sat down and held my hand. He looked nervous. "What's wrong babe?" I asked him. "Nothing," he said,"it's just that never taken a girl on a trip before, like just the two of us. "Well, I guess I'm just lucky!" I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. We watched a movie together, but after about five minutes of it, I fell asleep. I woke up and Harry was smiling at me. "Your so cute when you sleep," he said,"especially when you sleep on me!" I smiled a giggled. He took my hand and kissed my promise ring. I fell back asleep. Once we were off the plane, we both found a bathroom to go change in. I put on a (jack wills) pink and navy tank top and sweat shorts and flipflops. Harry put on a black t shirt and some kaki shorts and some flipflops. He looked so cute. He carried my bags for me as we went towards the rental car. In the car we sang to gather to the a team by Ed. After the a team was over one thing came on. I was singing it at the top of my lungs but I think Harry was a little embarrassed to sing it with me. Went we got to the hotel it was beautiful. We sent our bags to the room. Harry and I walked around the resort for a while before heading to the room. Harry bought us a coconut smoothie to share by a cabana. When we finally went to the room it was HUGE! It even had its own patio garden and private pool. Me and Harry were standing by the pool and he picked me up and threw me in pool! "Harry! What the heck do you think your doing?!!" I scream. I was so mad! He saw how mad I was so he jumped in too. Even with his shoes on. I got out of the pool and put on a (jack wills) striped bikini. It was tight and fitted so I knew Harry picked it out. After we swam around a bit I went in and took a shower. When I came out of the bathroom Harry was sitting on the couch watching mean girls. He was laughing so hard! "Josie what is this movie mean girls? I love it!" He said while laughing. "You've never seen it?! It's a classic!" I said while plopping onto the couch next to him. He kissed me on the cheek and pulled me in close. We called room service for dinner. We shared a pepperoni pizza, it was really good. I fell asleep on the couch with Harry. At about midnight I woke up. I missed Louis so I went outside and skyped him. I called him twice and finally someone picked up. It was Niall! "Nialler!! I miss you! How are you? And why are you on Lou's phone?!" I said happily. He smiled and said,"Haha! Hey jos! We all miss you too! Are you liking Barbados?" "Yes! I love it! It's so romantic!!" He laughed and said,"we're recording right now and Louis's in the box so I'm on his phone. "Haha ok well I'm gonna go! Bye hon!" I said. "Bye bye!" He said in his Irish accent. "Tell everyone I said hi!" I said and then hung up. I went back inside and turned off the tv. I left Harry on the couch but went and put a blanket on him. Then I slipped in the bed. I woke up to Harry shaking me,"jos, jos, wake up!" I woke up and shoved me a cup of tea and a cinnamon roll. "What Harry?" I said. He smiled and said,"eat fast! I wanna take you to the beach!" He was so excited! I ate and got on my bathing suit and a tshirt ad shorts over it. We hopped in the car and we were off!
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