The One That Got Away

"Umm, hello Ms. Tomlinson....?"
"Hello hun, may I ask who this is?"
"Umm, your son Louis is adopted, right?
"Yes, but who is this? Are you a fan? How did you get this number?"
"Ummm... Well... I am your sons half sister"


17. The Interview

Once everything was fine again, Louis told us that we all had an interview to go to, even me! So we all got dressed and and took the limo to a radio talk show. The interviewer asked us a lot of personal questions. I passed on some that we're about my parents and sister. Harry sat next to me and we held hands the whole time. All the boys were talking about the two lovers on the bus. I thought it was kinda cool to be on the radio, there were no fans anywhere, which felt awesome. Some people asked me some questions on twitter and I was thrilled to answer them. All the boys had a photos shoot for the radio so I went back to the bus. There was a whole swarm of fans so it was going to be impossible for me to get in. After a lot of elbowing and people screaming at me I was able to get to the door. I unlocked it and slammed it quickly behind me. All the people outside were screaming for me! I went back out and started signing girls books and magazines. There was a person from a evening news and I let her ask me a few questions. Once everyone left I went for a jog. I started going down random streets and alleys. I got lost pretty quickly. I didn't care thought. I was walking along the road and I saw our limo parked. I knew it was ours cause it had red hubcaps. I saw all the boys come out of the building and saw me. I got into the limo with them and we drive back to the bus. I didn't want to tell them about me signing all those autographs because I thought it was sorta special and so I didn't. When we got back to the bus and got inside we were all really tired. It was about lunch time but no one was hungry. All of the boys fell asleep exept for me and Niall so we went out for lunch to get her. We got pizza! It was so nice to talk to Niall cause he is so funny and caring. "Harry REALLY love you, ya know," He said while shoving a slice in his mouth. "Yea, I really care about him too." "Your birthday is tomarrow right?" He asked, and I nodded. He said that the boys have something extra special planned! "What?" I asked. "You just wait and see!"
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