The One That Got Away

"Umm, hello Ms. Tomlinson....?"
"Hello hun, may I ask who this is?"
"Umm, your son Louis is adopted, right?
"Yes, but who is this? Are you a fan? How did you get this number?"
"Ummm... Well... I am your sons half sister"


9. It's Time To Wake Up!

As I woke up all the boys were jumping and singing and I was really confused. It actually scared me a lot, but then I started listening to what they were singing and it was the wake up song. Really?! I tried to hide under the covers but Niall pulled all of then off. Then Zayn picked me up and flung me over his shoulder. "Ouch! My stomach!" I yelled in pain,"Sorry!" he yelled back. They brought to the bunk room and flung me on Lou's bed. After the sang and dance around some more Liam grabbed me and carries me back to my bed. Harry put the covers back on me and they sang even more. Once the song was over Harry carried in a platter with toast, eggs and fruit along with some tea. "Breakfast in bed just for you," he said. "Aww, he made it all by himself!" yelled Niall. "Yep! I did! But I had to call my mom to ask here how to make eggs though, it took me six times to make it perfect for you!" Harry said proudly. "Aww, thanks Hazza!" I said while giving his a kiss on the cheek. "Ok well lets let the girl eat breakfast, c'mon guys," said Zayn. All of them left except for Harry. "Josie. I think you are a really cool girl and I really like you." Said Harry. I smiled, I could tell he was a little nervous. "Josie, will you go to dinner with me tonight?" he said really fast. "Yes! I would love to!" I replied. "Ok great! Can I made reservations for 7:30?" He asked. "Of course," I said back,"but where are we going?" "Somewhere special it's a surprise!" He said happily! "Ok! If you say so!" I said, but before he could say anything else I shot out of bed and opened the door as quick as I could. All the boys fell into the bedroom piled on top of each other. "What were you guys doing?" I asked in a funny tone. "We heard a scratching noise and we thought there might be a mouse in you room." Said Louis. "Uhuh, yep. There is definitely a mouse in here." I said back.
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