The One That Got Away

"Umm, hello Ms. Tomlinson....?"
"Hello hun, may I ask who this is?"
"Umm, your son Louis is adopted, right?
"Yes, but who is this? Are you a fan? How did you get this number?"
"Ummm... Well... I am your sons half sister"


37. Dinner

We all went out for dinner afterward and it was very awkward. We went to a nice, high end Chinese restaurant called Wild Ginger and met my dad there. We all sat in a booth. Me and Harry were next to each other, and I was sitting across from Niall and Harry was sitting across from my dad, louis was in the middle of them. Harry had his hand on my thigh the whole time. I didn't talk a lot, mostly Harry, Niall and Lou talked about what was next for the tour. In a two months, they were gonna be touring America, but until then, they would back in Europe. I decided that I would just go back with them and tour in Europe with them, and them I would tour the states with them too. My dad was reluctant, to let me go. "I can't afford another trip for you to go to Europe, Josie. It's not gonna work," he kept saying. Finally Harry interrupted and said,"she can go on my money, I'll pay for it sir! Please?" My dad shook his head and said,"ok, I just don't want to loose her, keep her safe." "Dad!" I said,"I'll be fine!" "Don't worry sir, I'll keep her safe!" Harry exclaimed. My dad couldn't refuse such an offer, so he said I could go. "Thank you, dad!" I said. He laughed and said,"don't thank me, thank Harry." I kissed Harry on the cheek and he squeezed my thigh a little. Once dinner was over, it was raining and we had no umbrella! So we took the bus to get to my dads apartment and our hotel. There were only three seats open and niall and louis had already taken two of them so my dad stood up and I sat on Harry's lap. Harry and I sat between Louis and old homeless man. "Do you have any spare change?" He asked Harry. "Of course!" Harry said, he took out his wallet and gave him a ten dollar bill, I was one of the only US bills that he had. "Here you go," he said as he handed it to him. "Well thanks boy!" The man said back to him. Pretty soon, our bus stop cam and we all ran into the hotel lobby. My dad hugged me and said,"see you guys tomarrow!" As he left for his apartment. Louis and Niall went up to the front desk and got a separate room for just them. They went to their new room and Harry and I went to mine. The maid had visited so the bed was newly made. I put on a t shirt and some sweatshorts and slid into the bed. Harry turned off the lights and turned on the TV. He took of his shirt and struggled to take off his pants, then a started taking off his boxers,"Harry, no," I said. "Why?" He said. "I trust you, but I don't want to do that tonight. "I understand," he said, then he got in bed. He wrapped himself around me and I had my face on his bare chest. He kissed me on the top of my head and said,"goodnight sweetheart, I love you." "Love you too." I said back to him, before falling asleep. Later, I woke up, in the middle of the night and got up to go to bathroom. I found out that I got my monthly present. I grunted and got a pad and then went back in bed with Harry. My stomach ached a lot. Harry woke up and said,"what's wrong love?" "Nothing I'm fine," I said, grabbing my stomach. "Well, you don't seem fine. Does your tummy hurt hon?" He said while sitting up. "Yes Harry, I'm having my period." I said. "Oh, my poor baby" he said while I sat on the bed. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. "Shh, It's ok, I will make it all better." He kept saying. I guess the hormones really kicked in, becuse I wanted to start crying. I started sobbing into his chest. "Oh Josie, why are you crying honey?" "I don't know, I'm just frustrated and your being so sweet and my stomach hurts so badly." I cryed even more. "Oh babe. Your gonna make me cry!" He said. I stopped crying and cuddled up closer to him and wrapped my legs around him. I made his chest user wet, she he dried it on the sheets. He kissed me on the lips and started to rub my stomach. We had our heads favoring eachother on the pillows, with our noses touching. "I'm sorry I cried," I said. "It's ok," he said back,"It just worries me. I just love you so much and I hate to see you like that." I fell back asleep in his arms. He rubbed my stomach until I was back to sleep. I woke up to see Harry sitting up in bed with a cup of tea, smiling down at me. He was watching the today show. "Morning sleepy head," he said as he patted me head and pulled a few hairs out of my face. He took a sip of his tea and I sat up next to him. He grabbed a cup that was next to him on the bedside table. "I made you some hot chocolate," he said while handing it to me. He kissed me in the cheek before I took a sip. He was looking at the TV and said,"remember when I was on the today show?" That was so fun!" "I remember," I said," that's how found out about 1d." He set his hand on my thigh. "Do you want to go get some breakfast with Lou and Niall and your dad downstairs at the buffet?" He asked. "Sure, let me get dressed," I said. I went and put on new underwear and a sports bra. I put on a crewneck sweatshirt and a pair of Harry's sweatpants that he gave to me. I pulled on some uggs and put my hair in a bun. Harry put on a Rolling Stones t shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Then he put on a beanie, he also handed me a one too. I had a grey one and he had a green one. We went down stairs and found the boys and my dad. They already had their plates full with food. I sat down and Harry asked me wanted. "I want yogurt, a muffin and apple juice please." I asked. He got me what I wanted and thanked him. Then he got his food and sat next to me. He got a heaping plate of everything. " he held my hand under the table. My dad had already bonded with all the boys, but he really liked Niall. Niall liked my dad too, it was a total bromance. My dad was going to take Niall to his office today and show him that lawyers do. But my dad would have to leave tomarrow for an important business meeting. We were all going to stay here for a few more days, after my dad, and then go back to UK. The boys all had a couple weeks off, so they were going to go stay with their families. Me and hasty were going to go stay with his mom and sister. Soon, Niall and my dad left. Louis decided that he would go back to his hotel room, because he was a little under the weather. Harry and I went back to the room and got showered and ready for the day. When we were about to leave, Harry said,"oh yeah, I never gave you your Christmas gift!" He took out a little blue box and handed it to me. I could tell it was from Tiffany. I opened it, it was a silver necklace with a small diamond pendant. "Harry! Wow! Thank you! It must have cost a fortune!" I kissed him and he put it around my neck. "Anything for my love!" He said. "You'll get your present tonight" I told to him. He smiled and laughed, he knew what he was getting.
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