The One That Got Away

"Umm, hello Ms. Tomlinson....?"
"Hello hun, may I ask who this is?"
"Umm, your son Louis is adopted, right?
"Yes, but who is this? Are you a fan? How did you get this number?"
"Ummm... Well... I am your sons half sister"


35. Christmas

Christmas wasn't that bad. I got a new IPhone from my dad and beats from my mom. I stayed in Seattle for about a month. It was hard without the boys. But I go to see a ton of my old friends and I did lots of touristy stuff. I was staying in a hotel right next to my dads apartment building cause he didn't have hany room for me. I called and skyped Harry a lot, but I was pretty lonely. Liam called me and told me to look at the tonight show. The boys were on it! But Niall and Harry weren't there. I was confused. I called Harry and he wouldnt pick up. I also called Niall too but he didn't pick up either. So I went to bed. At around midnight, there was a knock in my door. I looked throught the eye hole and I saw curly hair!!! 'Harry!' I thought. I opened the door and I was embraced by a warm hug. I missed him! I also hugged Niall. "What the heck are you doing hear?!" I said. "We just wanted to see you!" Harry said. I welcomed them in. Niall slept on the couch and I would sleep with Harry. I would tell my dad that they came tomarrow, it was really late. Niall fell asleep on the couch almost instantly! Snoring and all! Harry just cuddled with me, he had a hard time getting back to sleep. "Why can't u sleep?" I asked him. "Cause I haven't seen you in a month and I don't feel right just going to sleep instead of catching up." He said. I kissed him and said,"just get to sleep love." He pulled me in tighter and I fell asleep almost instantly. It was easy too because he was so warm and he made you feel safe. At around 3 am I felt a nudge. "Huh?" I said. It was Niall. "I'm hungry!" He said. "Well too bad! I don't have food! Go back to bed!" I said. "Can we go to the Safeway?!" He said,"I see one from the window." "Why don't you just go?" I asked. "I don't have any money on me." He said. I growled and got up. I put on some sweatpants and a jacket. I also pulled on my uggs. He was wearing a red onesie. "C'mon," I said. We went to the Safeway and I got him fried chicken and cheese Ruffles. For the rest of the night he just sat in front of the TV munching on the food. As I got back in bed with Harry I took off my pants and my jacket. "How come you wear barely nothing to bed? It's so cold!" Niall whispered. "Cause I cuddle with Haz and he's warm." I whispered back. "Forever alone," he said as he kept eating his food.
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