The One That Got Away

"Umm, hello Ms. Tomlinson....?"
"Hello hun, may I ask who this is?"
"Umm, your son Louis is adopted, right?
"Yes, but who is this? Are you a fan? How did you get this number?"
"Ummm... Well... I am your sons half sister"


30. Back on Tour

I forgot what it was like to be back on the bus. For the next month we were nonstop driving, performing, signing and interviewing all around Europe. For the last week of that month we were in Ireland. We stayed in Dublin behind a huge building that the boys would preform and interview at. One morning the boys had an interview very early. I woke up and nobody was in the bus. I went back to bed, but on Hazzas pillow there was a note. It said: "My beautiful babe- Meet us at this address at noon. 1432 Harlow st NE -Harry" By now it was 10:00. I grabbed some breakfast and put on a sweater and some jeans. I brushed out my brown hair. I hadn't cut it in months, it was long now. I didn't bother to put on makeup, all the boys agreed I looked better without it. I went to the door to put on my shoes but there was a note in my shoe. It said:"check the bunkroom!" I went into the bunk room and Paul was in there! Paul! "Omg! Paul! I have heard so much about you but I just haven't met you yet! I said in delight. He chuckled a bit and finally said,"I am supposed to escort you, are you ready??" I jumped and said,"lets go!" We walked for half an hour it seemed but finally we came to this dress shop. Paul stopped and said,"we need to go in here, the boys have a dress for you." We walked in and he told my to go wait in a changing room. He came back and brought a dress. The dress had a note in it. It said,"this is for you my love, hope it fits well -h" Aww! Harry's so cute! The dress was a little black dress. It was pretty short, it had a leather body and the top was long sleeve lace. I loved it! It fit like a glove. Paul also brought me a pair of shoes. They were gold and strappy. Paul gave me a bag to put my clothes in. When we walked out out the dress shop Paul said,"do you remember the address from the first note?" "Of course I do," I said,"it's 1432 Harlow street Northeast." "Ok," he said,"I'm trusting you." He brought me to this nice restaurant. All the boys were sitting there. The place was completely empty. No one was in there. "Where's Harry?" I asked while looking around. "Follow us!"Niall and Lou said at the same time. They brought me into this dimly lit room. In the middle there was a table for two. It was very fancy. I couldn't help but smile. "Wait here," Lou said. They all walked out of the room and shut the door behind them. I sat at the table for a bout two minutes until Harry came up from behind me. He kissed me and hugged me tight. When he finally stopped she said,"I beautiful!" I smiled and said,"hey babe!" He sat down and I said,"why are we here?" He looked down and said,"cause I'm a bad boyfriend. I never treat you to anything!" He looked up and frowned then held my hand. "No, babe! No! Your an amazing boyfriend! I'm lucky to have you, it's just that your busy all the time. After all, you are on tour!" I smiled and squeezed hit hand a little. "I love you," he said. "Love you too!" All of the sudden Niall came in dressed as chef. "Hello! I am Niall and I will be your waiter today!" He smiled and looked at me. I laughed so hard. He looked so cute and funny. "Here are your menus," he said while handing me a peice of paper,"all the food is homemade and handcrafted by Harold E Styles." The only thing on the menu was the word "TACOS." I laughed cause I knew that was Harry's favorite food. "Is there anything that looked good to you?" Niall said. "Ummm," I said,"it all looks good but, I think I will have the tacos." "Same with me!" Harry said. Niall left and Louis came in. Lou said," I will be taking your drink orders! What would you like?" "Well, what do you have?"I asked. "All we have is apple juice." He said. "We will have two orders of the apple juice!" Harry said in his cute voice. Louis left and then brought back the juice. A few minutes later and brought a huge platter of tacos. He put two plates down two. He said,"I will let you two eat. See you back at the bus!" Before I even finished one taco, Harry had already scarfed-down 3! He looked ad me and said,"you have a little some on your face hon." I wiped my mouth with a napkin. "Did I get it?" I asked. "Here, let me help you out," he said. He got out of his chair and came over and wiped my face with his hand. All of the sudden he kneeled to the floor and got out a ring box,"Josie, will you-" "woh, Harry! We are way to young!" I said alarmed. He laughed a little and grabbed my hand and said,"jos, this is a promise ring, will you promise to be with me forever?" I could see tears starting to form in his eyes. "Oh, har," I said while hugging him. I started crying too. "Of course! I promise! I love you so much!" I said while talking into his chest. He kissed the top of my head before releasing the hug. He slide the ring on my finger. It was so beautiful! It was a silver band with diamonds and gold embellish. "Harry! Is this real? It must have cost a fortune!" I said while looking at the ring. "Anything for you babe!" He smiled and looked into my eyes. He showed me his hand and he had the same one in his finger, but there were no diamonds. "Oh Harry, I love you so much!" I said while hugging him one last time. He kissed me on the forehead and then ran his hands through my hair and held my back. "I always want to e with you, never leave me, that would break me." He pulled me in closer. I was still crying. He wiped my eyes. "Your not wearing makeup! You look beautiful! I didn't even notice." I laughed a little. We left and started to walk around Dublin. Dublin was so beautiful! It was mid fall so it was pretty cold. All I had on was that tiny dress so I was pretty cold. Harry gave me his jacket and held me close. We got in a limo and it started taking us somewhere we pulled up at the airport. The airport! What was going on?!
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