The One That Got Away

"Umm, hello Ms. Tomlinson....?"
"Hello hun, may I ask who this is?"
"Umm, your son Louis is adopted, right?
"Yes, but who is this? Are you a fan? How did you get this number?"
"Ummm... Well... I am your sons half sister"


23. Ahhhh!

When we all got ready and Niall suggested that we go to a fair that's in town for the weekend. We decided to go because it would be fun. I knew Harry was really scared of roller coasters as we mostly kept to all of the prize booths. Harry won me a stuffed animal dog. We were all were going to go on the ferris wheel. I could tell that Harry didn't want to go on it but he didn't say anything. It was a two seater so me and him sat together. When it started moving he freaked out! I was rubbing his back and hugging him. He calmed down a little but was still looking really worried. He had this look on his face and as he looked at me I yelled,"Oh! No, no!" but it was to late. He has already puked all over my shoes! He looked really sad when he looked at me. He said,"I'm so sorry." I could tell he was about to cry. "No! It's fine! I hate these shoes anyway!" I said back, while lying. I loved those shoes, they were my favorite pair. But I didn't love them as much as much as I loved Harry. Once we got off the ride I took the shoes off and threw them in the garbage. The rest of the boys stayed but me and Harry left. Back at the bus I made him take a shower. After he got out I made him chicken noodle soup and turned on the tv for him I sat down next to him and fed him the soup. "I'm sorry about you're shoes! I must have really embarrassed you in front of everyone. Gosh, I feel horrible!" He said while looking at me. "It's fine!" I said,"It's just another reason to go shopping, which you know I love!"
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