Why do you hate me, What've I done?

Emily is a pretty normal sixteen year-old, she has short, red hair resembled to Hayley Williams', blue eyes, nice cheekbones. Other than she's an orphan; both her parents dead and she cuts. Emily just happens to fancy One Direction. She wins a contest to meet them, and she thinks it'll be like fanfictions and stories, they'll love her and become the best of friends and live happily ever after! No. But when the boys don't like her, how will she take it?


33. Over-protective

I wake up, sunlight pouring through Liam's window. I lay there in his arms, then I remember I have school. I get up and grab my change of clothes. I hear Liam moan when I get up. I giggle and get dressed in his bathroom. I comb through my hair and grab my books when I'm spinned around. "You're not getting away that quickly." Liam whispers, bending down so he could say it into my ear. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck. We kiss for a minute or two, and I'm estacicly happy. "Bye babe." He says. "Love you, bye."

I walk to school, since I'm so early. I kick stones on the sidewalk, watching them roll ahead of me. The day dragged on, like usual. I got bullied by Josh and Cam, as usaul. Teachers didn't listen to me. Typical. I hung out with Liam and the boys, like always. I had a pretty normal day. It stays normal for a month. Liam has had me live with him in his flat now; he's so afraid I'll get harmed. I still have my flat, it's just that Olly and I pretty much live with him. My clothes are there, Oliver's litter box (ew!), everything like that.

Everyday is pretty much the same. I'm sitting on the bed, finishing up my maths homework. I love being around Liam. It's different though. Nobody's ever protected me like this before. The bullying has stopped, but's James my only friend in school. I think Liam's a bit too overprotective though. I can't go anywhere besides school and James' house, unless I'm with him, one of the boys, or James. He even gets a bit upset when I go to school. I finish up my homework, and sit on the bed, stroking Olly's fur. He purrs loudly, and when I stop, he flicks his tail.

I'm on my cell phone, when a door opens and I hear someone say, "I'm home!" I haven't seen Liam in about three days, he had to shoot a music video in Ireland and they vistied Niall's mum. I jump up and run to the kitchen. Liam has just put his keys down and pulled his beanie off as I jump into his arms, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. I wonder how he holds my weight up, but I have been exercising lately.

"Well hello there." Liam chuckles. "I missed you." I mumble into his neck. He puts me down, "I missed you too." He comes closer, and leans in. I let him and wrap my arms around his neck as we kiss, my fingers tangling through his hair. After a minute we stop and he takes a seat on the couch. "So, anything new with you Em?" I sigh. I should tell him about how he is a bit too over-protective. "Liam, I was thinking and...." I sit next to him. "And?" I mumble turning my face away, "I think you're too over-protective." Liam jumps up, apparently upset. "No, I'm not!" I stand up and face him. "Yes, you are." I am suprised by myself with my newfound confidence. "I need to be independent. I love being around you all, but I do need my space Liam. I can't even go to school without you worrying!" "I just want to protect you Emily." He tries to pull me into a hug, but I pull away.

"No, Liam. I do need my space." He frowns and whines, "But Emily, you can't!" "Watch me." I try to walk around him, but he picked me up by my waist. "Put me down; I'm serious Liam!" He takes me to his room, and puts me on his bed. I try to run out, but he closes the door too quickly for me, and stands in front of it. I try to move his arms, but he's so strong. "This isn't a joke Liam. Let. Me. Go." He shakes his head, "No. All I'm trying to do is to protect you. That's all I want." I start to cry a little. "Liam" I whisper. "But Emily, I just-" "Liam." I croak squeakily. He sighs and moves away. I run out, and grab my jacket. "I'll be back sometime." "Soon?" Liam asks, avoiding my gaze.

"Soon." I nod, and rush outside. I'm greeted by the chill of May weather in England. Cold tears sting my face. I wipe them away, and just walk, not sure for how long, or where I am. I come across a park and take a seat on a nearby bench.


I must've fallen asleep, because it looks nearly night. I start to walk again, and find myself at Harry's home. I'v only been here once with the boys, I don't know how I remember the directions. I knock on his door, and see him peek through a hole in his door. He unlocks his door, and opens it up. "Emily? What are you doing here; and more importantly, why are you here alone?"

I pull him into hug, burying my face in his neck. "Over-protective." I whimper.

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